10 Ways To Financial Empowerment

Most people today are concerned about making ends
meet. There is an urgent need for all and sundry to be
financially and economically empowered.

To be empowered financially means to have the right
ability to create wealth, to understand and be able to apply
the right principles of money making (PMM). And to be
endowed with the basic money skills that are crucial for the
attainment of financial success 2 nd freedom from poverty.

RIGHT TO BE RICH AND WEALTHY: “The Lord has pleasure in
the prosperity of his people”-(Psalm 35:27).

Generally, there is a wrong understanding about money
and wealth creation, without having the right ‘MINDSET’
nobody can be financially empowered “Money gives
everything” (Ecclesiastes 10:19).

From a religious perspective, our God is not against
wealth. (3 John 1, 2; Psalm 35:27, Deut 8:18, Proverbs:10:22,
Philippians 4:19).
Solomon was blessed with wisdom and riches. You can be the
next Bill Gates of Nigeria. You can discover wealth like
Dangote; Jimoh Ibrahim, Richard Brandson, Jim Ovia and a host
of others.

If you master the routes to wealth creation
If you can master the routes to wealth creation
If you can understand the workings of life
“My people perish of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6)

Therefore, you’re financially suffering or otherwise is your
own making. Financially empowerment is possible if you can
understand the secret behind every money system. However, if
it’s going to be, it’s up to you.
To enjoy financial independent, a man or society must not
depend on a single income. Getting involved in extra
enterprises can solve a lot of worries often creates as a result of
shortage of cash.

There are four types of income that you can potentially
earn: (a) being an employee (b) self employed (c) business
owner (d) An investor. Which category are you?


1. The spiritual wealth route:
2. God:- (Proverbs:3:4-8) know your God- spiritual wealth
formula) Genesis 26:1-5; 12-16
3. Seek the kingdom of God (Matt 6:33) “The lord has
pleasure in the prosperity of his people” (psalm 35:27)
4. The power to get wealth (Due. 8:18, Daniel 2:20-23,
Genesis 30:35-43)
5. Tithes and offerings secret (Malachi 3:10)
6. The law of first fruit (Proverbs: 3:9-10)
Any wealth outside God will end up a disaster, God has what
you are searching for (Proverbs: 10:22, Proverbs: 16:9)
2. Financial Knowledge and Wisdom / Right skills Eccl. 10:10
(NIV) :- (Be a financial literate having the right knowledge about
financial matters. Understand the different between assets and
liabilities. (Assets are things that put money into your pocket;

while liabilities are those things that take money out of your
To build financial capacity, you need to read motivational
books, attend seminars and workshops on financial matters. In
addition, move with the right people have a mentor or coach to
guide you so as not to experience economic meltdown along
the way.
Your financial intelligent will determine your wealth (Proverbs:
12:27). Be trained for the acquisition of relevant skills.
3. Ideas: – (develop good ideas and turn them into money.) All
achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an
ideas. Behind every wealth there is a profitable idea. All wealth
comes from people ideas. Ideas bring success and money those
who care to create them.
Nobody have money problem but ideas. Money flow unto
ideas that are God’s inspired” Robert Scheduler.
“The intelligent man is always open to new ideas” (Proverbs:
18:15). Discover yourself, to discover your wealth. Your ideas
can earn you wealth if well developed and acted upon.
Therefore, THINK and grow rich by opening your MIND,
EYES and EARS to identify opportunities that can rich and
empower you financially. There are opportunities that can rich

and empower you financially. There are opportunities where
you are.
4. Own Small Business (Apply the power of Duplication and
Multiplication):- Ecclesiastes 11:16, 1 king 10:22-29). Be
enterprising. Start your own business today (Proverbs: 24:27)
5. Invest in shares & stocks: – (Investment is sowing of seed)
6. Real Estate, real wealth: – In developed countries 1/3 of
financial wealth are stored in real estate. Real estate wealth is
one of the best forms of riches because estate has tendency to
appreciate in value.
I am yet to come across a real financial successful individual
who does not have a developed property.
The acquisition of landed properties (plots of land to sell),
shops for rent, flat for rent, multipurpose- Hall for hire, and
farm lands etc are springs board for financial freedom. (It
creates multiple- streams of income)
7. People: – The greatest asset to have! No successes of any
kind without people involved for your enrichment create and
form your own community. You need a team of people to
survive with financially. People are crucial to your success and
economic empowerment. (Proverb 16:3) people are our Angel
of financial empowerment.

8. Green wealth: – (Agriculture) grow your food. Have a farm
land. Be involved in agriculture without food, no empowerment
is sustainable (Deut. 28: 2-6)
9. Good health: – Health is wealth: take good care of your
health. Be spiritually, physically and emotionally healthy.
Prevention is better than cure. Do not exchange your health for
Health is expensive to maintain during economic meltdown.
Join health club, for instance be involved in health and wealth
scheme of (MLM) Kedi. (See me for details). Financial
empowerment is not possible where there is no good health
10. Giving: – Develop the right habit of giving. Give it shall be
given unto you (Luke 6:32). Wealth is about sharing and not
hoarding (Ecclesiastes 11: 1-2).
The principle of increase is giving, not storage. Giving does not
diminish the one who gives. It is more blessed to give than to
receive. A generous man will prosper. The only spiritual way to
prosper is to give.


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