6 Best WhatsApp Marketing Tips for Newbie’s Online in 2022

6 Best WhatsApp Marketing Tips for Newbie’s Online in 2022

On the internet, you can make money faster when you have a good product or service to sell that meets the need of the people. Get it cleared, without marketing, your product will remained unsold. Which is usually painful. THEREFORE, to be a success online, you need to lean and understand the rudiments of marketing and the various ways, tips and methods of marketing that is ideal and easy to apply.

As creators, one of the major things on your mind is how to sell your products. For every milestone you reach, you’d need to devise better ways to sell your products.

Good thing, there are several ways to sell your digital products, one of which is WhatsApp marketing.



6 Best WhatsApp Marketing Tips for Newbie’s Online in 2022

simply means promoting your products through WhatsApp. This marketing method works magic for your sales.

The simple trick of adding a WhatsApp phone number to your store may result in 27% more sales leads. Even better WhatsApp messages have been seen to have a 98% open rate.

Here’s a six-step formula given by seven-figure sales and marketing expert given by an expert Fortune Nnamdito excel at Whatsapp marketing.


#1. Lead generation

Get more people to be interested in your products by showcasing what your products are. In his words, If you are not generating new leads every day, you are losing out on a whole lot of money.

#2. Nurturing 

This means educating your audience without the intention of selling. Offer value upfront. Teach them about something they don’t know. Or even better, present a unique angle for a common pain point.

#3. Priming

Otherwise called strategic nurturing, this means educating your audience with the intention of selling. Here, you do not just leave your contact to guess what you mean, you teach them in detail and offer a solution at the end. The solution here – Your product.

#4. Selling

Unfortunately, you may be doing it wrongly. Everybody wants to sell. Nobody wants to generate leads, nobody wants to nurture, and nobody wants to prime. Remember, you don’t build a house if you haven’t laid the foundation. It is only after you’ve gone through steps 1-3 that you can comfortably sell.

#5. Upselling

What other product do you have that you can sell alongside your other products? If your prospects can’t buy product A, do you have a product B that they can opt for? In some cases, you are going to make more money from Up selling than you will make from selling if done properly.

#6. Build a community

After going through these processes, you need to build a community. You need to have a tribe of firm believers in your brand who’d willingly take on anything you sell. Remember, the money is in the distribution.




During the week, in our #CreatorStories series, we had an interview with Josiah Precious, a.k.a Diary of a digital hustler.

In this interview, Precious shared how she makes $10,000/month by being a Crypto Trader, Digital Creator, and Affiliate marketer.



What was your career journey like before becoming a crypto trader and affiliate marketing expert? 

I entered University when I was 15 years old and wanted to study Civil Engineering but I was given Building and Woodwork Technology. I was planning to change courses later but after my first year, my GP wasn’t good enough for me to change courses. So I decided to stick with Building and Woodwork Technology and graduate with first class.

How did you get started with crypto trading?

I took a lot of crypto courses. I’ve taken more than 5 crypto courses both from Nigerians and abroad. I was liquidated so many times. I lost millions of dollars in crypto because I felt like I knew everything but I didn’t. When I became a little bit solid early last year, I got more courses to find out why I was losing money. I found a lot of loopholes, so I had to unlearn and learn new things. I understood that I had to keep emotions aside, do technical analysis and have a strategy. Even now, I’m still learning but I’m not where I used to be.

How has your crypto trading experience been?

Crypto trading is cool for me now because I now know a lot of things and I’m still learning. If I want to make money in the market, I know what to do and what not to do. I don’t chase the market, I wait for the market to come to me for me to see its setup. I have my strategy and it’s working for me. Generally, it’s been a rollercoaster ride.

Read Precious’s story HERE.



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Quote of the week💡

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have”. – Maya Angelou



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