7 Reasons Why Seyi Makinde [GSM] Should Be Returned As Governor of Oyo State in 2023


7 Reasons Why Seyi Makinde [GSM] Should Be Returned As Governor of Oyo State in 2023

By Dr.Oyedotun Oyejide [Dotson]

1. A man with sincere intention & clear vision

2. A man of his words

3.The first Governor Without a god father

4. A Stable Religious Man With The Fear of God 

5.Hardworking Governor   

6.A Good Manager of Resources

 7.A Good Candidate From the Right Political party

7 Reasons Why Seyi Makinde [GSM] Should Be Returned As Governor of Oyo State in 2023

By Dr.Oyedotun Oyejide [Dotson]


This article is not sponsored but my assessment of Engineer Abiodun Oluseyi Makinde [ GSM] The Peoples Democratic Party PDP Flag Bearer for
the 2023 Governorship Election in Oyo State of Nigeria.

Sentiment apart,Politics Today heighten the kind of man people should consider for
political position not minding where they came from or whose influence is being imposed.

If politics will not be crazy, the right politician should be given the peoples mandate to serve.

The Seyi Makinde of my choice for You:

1. A man with sincere intention & clear vision

Engineer Oluseyi Makinde [GSM] is a missionary and a man of clear
vision. Sincerity is the soul of business; likewise the good game of
politics should be in the real sense of it. Anybody aspiring to lead
the people should be sincere or have sincerity of purpose.

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To the best of my knowledge and better understanding Gov.Seyi Makinde is one
of the most Is one of the sincere person Oyo State would be lucky to have as the
governor today.


Why l am saying this?. Right from day one, Engr. Seyi Makinde made his good intention clear to the good people of Oyo State when he was voted in as the Governor in May 2019.

He declared openly at Obafemi Awolowo Stadium during sworn~in ceremony that he donated is whole salary as Governor.

The only governor today that is not collecting salary as a sitting governor in Nigeria!

What an amazing step and a pacesetter action from a man of the masses. When most politicians are desperately gunning for political positions simply to acquire political wealth that is most lucrative trade in Nigeria today, Engr. Seyi  Abiodun Makinde opt
for the best..serving the people instead.

In the past, only late Chief Kolapo Ishola did something similar when he was elected as the chairman of Akinyele Local Government. If a governor should be bold
enough to forgo his salary for the peoples welfare. What a big feat. Such good action should be appreciated and embraced!.

Who else Is bold among them is ready to lay a good example like Seyi Makinde have done?. In Today’s Politics that people are doing not for God sake or Peoples sake but
because of their pockets. We know them...The Arebiipa”s.. How many of
the elected politicians can forgo their salary?..No way! Many of them are suffering from poverty, despite the Money Bag they claimed to be carrying about to deceive us.

2. A man of his words

If Ones Daughter is Good, there is nothing bad is uttering the statement: Says a
popular Yoruba adage. Look, the boy is too good to be ignored. Let us admit that.

Engr. Seyi Makinde is a good Ibadan man. Although, it is one thing to say a word or make a promise, is another thing completely to stand by it.

Politicians are noted to be traders of lies. Politics of Promise and Fail is the most common. But Gov.Seyi Makinde proved to be a different politician. Most of his promises during campaigns were delivered to a larger extend. I have many instances to prove this. You may take it or leave it.

If the humble man from Ajia make a promise to you, be assured, you will get it no matter the delay or confrontation.
This is Politics Today  X ray of the kind of person Engr. Abiodun Oluseyi Makinde is and why our people in Oyo State should consider him as the best candidate for 2023 by the Grace of God.

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We must thank God for given Oyo State a person like Seyi Makinde who his highly considerate and a Man of Destiny with new and fresh water for the people. We have to credit him for what he has done so far in
turning Oyo State from Rambles to Fountains.

A trip around the city of Ibadan and other parts of the state will confirm this if one does
not have sight problem. Good works should be made to continue in the state. The best is yet to be in the actual sense of it.

  1. The first Governor Without a god father

In Politics Today,god father ism is a subject and a big problem that have
killed many elected candidates from doing what is right due to the odd
and selfish attitudes of the so called unbaked politicians/king makers
who took leadership to be a birthright. Having known the havoc
attributed to god father syndrome in Nigerian Political Game, Engr. Seyi Makinde declared and stood by it that he does not have or embrace any god father in politics. And right from the on~set,he paid almost every contributor his or her due of the contract. What else! Except an Oliver Twist among

Seyi Makinde[ GSM] recognize God as the father.He equally respected and acknowledged  the so called leaders in each of the 33 Local Governments of the State.. No individual his The Lord in PDP Politics for now. Kudos to a man that could take such a bold step. Who among the other candidates fighting and struggling to unseat the governor of the masses today does not have a dictator or god father behind him? Can you mention anyone from the rest of them. Politics Today should be
completely devour of god father ism approach. Let us shun that quake practices.

4. A Stable Religious Man With The Fear of God                             

The Fear of God is the Beginning of Wisdom.

Yes, those who fear God have nothing to fear again. Right from the life and time at Oremeji Agugu Axis in The Ancient City of IbadanEngr.Seyi Makinde have been an Anglican Christian with meaningful contributions. He never denied his faith or become a ca-melon because of position unlike some among them who changes position and believes easily. They bear different names from various religion for the sake of it. God is watching likewise the dedicated men of Oyo State.

Despite being a devoted christian,am yet to come across any politician like Governor Seyi Makinde who did more than enough for the Muslim communities  than GSM in Oyo State.If that be the case,why not give him the second chance. It will definitely be for a good return indeed.

5.Hardworking Governor                                                             

The seat of power is not a place for playing Ludo Game but an arena to labor for the peoples progress and betterment. I have seen Governor Seyi Makinde to be a tireless busy leader.

A man who will go out in the mid-night to inspect projects been awarded by the state. A governor that will travel far and wide to get foreign investors to come to Oyo State to invest

A man in the seat of power that wears less of Agbada garment to the office instead an acute outfits or attires that portraits a workaholic.  From day one,to make Oyo State better than we met it ”Work has Started” “Ise Ti ya “ was his slogan.

A song that we all accepted and acted upon. Indeed, Oyo State does not need men of words alone to rule us but a dynamic man of actions. No amount of their sweet talks can fill the basket.

Let us close our ears and turn to the other side for them to pass away with their noise . It is not yet their turn, they should learn to wait a bit and let our 4 Plus 4 Be GSM for Now.

6.A Good Manager of Resources

In the past,it was like a curse working as a Civil Servant in Oyo State due to non~regular payment of salary and allowances. May Oyo State not be unfortunate again o.

What the past governors claimed and declared not available or enough to go round is what our son Engr. Abiodun Oluseyi Makinde
have turned to be surplus and available to workers on every 25th of the month alert.What an amazing experience. Only an ingrate worker will deny GSM his or her vote come 2023.

As if we were from another planet,new life and hope rekindled for the Retirees as well.

God has helped Seyi Makinde to touch several lives indirectly. May the bright star never varnish or become dark, The loop holes in the treasury created to siphon the state revenue were sealed by the anti~corruption man in power. What a big feat and fortunes for Oyo State. If under 3 years, Oyo State workers could be made to smile and the pensioners were able to live longer. The man that is endow The Magic Wand should be allowed to handle the mantle again

 7.A Good Candidate From the Right Political party

If you are a good candidate for any political position, you also need
to come from the right platform. Engr.Seyi Makinde is a PDP member to the
cord. The politicians known themselves. He is a stabled politician from PDP [Peoples Democratic Party] unlike several others fighting and struggling for the seat with different political party identity and membership.

The race of the cat is meant to eat the rat only”. In Politics Today, we need stabled men of integrity as Governor. Oyo State should not welcome politicians who will shit base suddenly for reasons. It is their attitude.It is in their blood. It is so common with them

Engr.Seyi Makinde is a tested politician from the largest political party in
Africa.[PDP].He has proved himself to be the right candidate who have
the experience and capacity to play the dynamic political game that
oyo state is made up of. Also we need more of The Umbrellas than The
Brooms. The value of one is far greater than many others. Therefore,
The Stronger Horse should be permitted to run the race again without any
raise of the thumb upReally? No man is perfect but a known Demon is
far better than a Strange Angel

Oyo State Politics Today needs more of men with clear cut agenda than mere vision statements,promises and unrealistic manifestos this time around. The masses are wiser.

Alright, If they wanted  to be Our Governor in Oyo State,no problem in that. Simply ask from them to tell us vividly what they have brought to us since the past 11 years of their journey to Abuja!

And if the question is not clear enough to them, then…help check inside the bag with them if another Package of Gari and Kulikuli is loaded inside. It is their attitude. They are fond of that.

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From all Indications, the bold activities of Governor Seyi Makinde proved that he is here to serve the good people of Oyo State in the Best Way he can.

What else, I will never waste or cast my vote for a wrong candidate as far as 2023 Gubernatorial Election is concern by the Special Grace of
God.GSM Seyi Makinde is my Right man, How About You?

Let Us allow 4+4=8

If you have any other opinion or know Engr. Abiodun Oluseyi Makinde more than I do in this write up, Fine..Let me have your comments below.

Politics Today is what we must be ready to make better. Share & Spread this message If really GSM Is Your Man!

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Oyedotun Oyejide is a creative and highly gifted writer, story teller, poet and publisher of Happy Children Series born in Ibadan city of Nigeria.

Oyejide is a strong member of ANA(Association of Nigeria Authors. Vice President, Booksellers Association of Nigeria (BAN) Oyo State Chapter, University of Ibadan zone.

He lectures on part time at the mass communication department, Ibadan City Polytechnic, Ibadan.A regular columnist of “Wealth Insights” on page 7 Ounko Newspaper.

Oyejide is the CEO Unlimited Wealth Solutions (Online Business) Heed solutions international, BIFAR Group, and Dotson Stockwell Nigeria Limited. He has over 1000 eBooks to his credit on various topics and issues. He is married to Rev. (Deaconess) Taiwo Olufunmike and blessed with three children: Toye, Tobi and Tope. To God be the glory.




6 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why Seyi Makinde [GSM] Should Be Returned As Governor of Oyo State in 2023

  1. Why Seyi Makinde is Our Choice Exposed:



    • Construction of 8 model Schools
    • Construction of 51 blocks of Classrooms with toilet facilities
    • Renovation of 88 Classroom blocks
    • Installation of Boreholes in 36 Schools
    • Construction of toilets in 10 Schools
    • Supply of 2,370 pieces of furnitures to 36 junior secondary schools by Oyo SUBEB and 50 pairs of desks each in 305 public secondary schools and 25 pairs each in 2 schools by ministry of Education, Science and Technology.
    • Construction of perimeter fence in 7 schools.

    *ECONOMY (Injection of Funds)*

    • Consistent Payment of workers’ Salaries on the 25th day of Every month.
    • Payment of Outstanding pensions and gratuities (#18billion).

    *ECONOMY (Infrastructure)*

    • Construction of roads:
    .Dualisation of 7.2km Idi-Ape-Bashorun Akobo-odogbo
    . Reconstruction of 5.2km Gedu-oroki-sabo-Ashipa road.

    Bus Terminals: Challenge and Ojo Bus Terminals Completed.

    • Stadium Upgrades:
    -Lekn Salami Sport complex Adamasingba phase 1 completed.

    • Off-Grid Rural electrification:
    – Solar Hybrid mini-Grid Otefon Atiba LG Completed.
    Construction of Eleyele Filling station and shops Completed.

    *ECONOMY (Agribusiness)*

    Installation of start them early program (STEP) in 6 additional schools. 3 have commenced already:
    -Apode high school AHS Eruwa.
    -Mount Olivet grammar school Ibadan.
    -Wesley college of science Ibadan.


    -206 PHC Upgrades Completed.
    -Secondary healthcare facilities upgrades:
    -Upgrades of General Hospital Aremo, Ibadan.
    -Upgrades of General Hospital Tede Atisbo LGA
    -Renovation and equipping of Rena Dialysis center Ringroad state hospital Adeoyo Ibadan.
    -Renovation and equipping of high dependency unit (HDU) at Ringroad State hospital Adeoyo Ibadan.


    -Purchase of 100 vehicles for Oyo Amotekun.
    -provision of communication gadgets, bulletproof vests etc…..for security operatives.

    *Talo nipe Seyi o Seyi 😎*

    *Seyi n Se bebe fun wa ni Ìlu Oyo 💯*

    *more achievements to come in 2023 and* *beyond.*
    *Seyi Leekan Sii*

    _*Tomt……..Seyi leekan sii*_😎

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