A Better Day Ahead

The future is for only those who have the courage and
ability to forge ahead not minding the pleasures or
present troubles. You cannot have the gains of tomorrow
if you failed to move ahead with your present life.
Indeed, the future only belong to those who have the
ability to foresee it and are able to forgo all the pleasures
and trials of today for the sake of it.
My friend, you have greater and better days ahead of
you. And until you are able to cross successfully into the
future; you can never be what God planned for your life.
Destiny is never achieved when the race is just started.
No runner wins until the race is ended. If you must run
the race of life as a man or woman; husband or wife;
spinsters or couples; student or worker; parent or
guardian; you must be fully prepared to see the end of
whatever assignment you have decided to pursue.
Life may appear difficult at present. Tough times never
last, but tough people do!
Your troubles at the moment, although tough, but
cannot justify the return when the storm will be over.
Therefore, force ahead until you are able to reach the

mark. No winner of a race at the mid-point. Only those
who are able to endure to the end can smile heartily
when kissing the trophy or when wearing the crown of
Here is a pathetic story concerning one of the co-
founders of Apple by name, Ronald Wayne. This man co-
founded Apple Computers [Now Apple Inc.] With Steve
Jobs and Steve Wozniak. He drew the first draft Apple
logo drafted the first original agreement between the
founders and wrote the first manual for their first
computer. He held a 10% share in the company but it
was quiet unfortunate, Ronald Wayne could not peel into
the future of the idea behind
Apple Computers formation. He lacked the foresight or
ability to foresee the greatness that lies ahead of the
project. He got it wrong totally and missed a good
fortune of a business whose financial asset value and
strength has entered the trillion dollars status today.
After drafting the first manual for Apple Computers,
Ronald Wayne decided to quit. He left the project for a
cash exchange of $800 and was given additional $1500 to
forfeit all rights of ownership two weeks after the

company was officially registered in 1976. His reason for
the decision was that the company was financially
demanding. Today if Ronald Wayne had kept his 10%
share, he would have been worth over a billion dollars.
That would have made him the richest or second richest
man on earth.
Unfortunately, the total value of what Ronald Wayne
collected in 1976 stands at $9,498 in 2017.
Today, Ronald Wayne is worth $300,000 less than the
million dollars after he left the Apple Project. Imagine the
first Apple product he ever owned was iPad2 given to
him in 2011.
Years back, Ronald Wayne said it was demanding on him
financially. If only he saw today, his decision of 1976
would have been so different.
Really, nothing lasting comes easily in life! If you must
succeed, you will experience something that will prove
you worthy of a new status.
Nobody is wiser without an experience. Something
somewhere somehow will teach you a great lesson that

will make you wiser in life. You can claim to be a wise
person without having some odd experience in life.
In fact, everything of lasting value is highly demanding.
Although, tough times never last but tough people do.
Success that will last must be endured at first; it takes
time for a tree to grow. Only plants grow in weeks or
months. Plants do grow to become trees after several
years of storming the weather in rain and sunshine. Get
it right and clear, no greatness in life is a product of
convenience. You have to face something and overcome
before you can be declared the winner!
Indeed, the greatness of tomorrow begins with the
sacrifice of today.
My brother, delay the gratitude till tomorrow. Preserve
today for the greatness of tomorrow. No success without
a sacrifice! A price must be paid if status must change in
the real sense of it. You have to deny yourself of some
pleasures so as to enjoy the pleasure that awaits the
Every crown has its own thorn. If you stay in apartment
today and later own estate tomorrow. Please do!

If you need to ride tricycle today in order to own a Royce
Rolls tomorrow, please do! And it will be well with you


You can be better financially and be strongly empowered if
you follow the rules of wealth creation blindly and religiously.
Your choice will determine the final outcome.
NOW and begin to experience a bountiful financial freedom.

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