Be Of Good Courage


Even mountain everest…..
Welcome to our world of encouragement, inspiration frustration, depression and upliftment.
The world is a mixture. You only need to be something bad situation, there are several good
experiences else where, you only have to be selective, shift your position or your focus and
begin to experience something differently.
Never allow anything under heaven to weigh you down. You must keep going, life
must continue. Discouragement has nothing good for you. That’s the more reason why you
should never make it your guest or ever visit the house of discouragement, nobody does it
unharmed it’s extremely harmful to be living in discouragement or below the belt. It does not
defeat anyone because; no good can come out of such harbor.
Others may have bad words for you, but my words are a balm to smoothing your
scares and wounds. You have what it takes to be anything under heaven, you just head to
give yourself sometime and bother to find out certain things

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