Best Contents for Sales Funnel

Best Contents for Sales Funnel

Best Contents for Sales Funnel

Best Contents for Sales Funnel

I told you about the sales funnel and that you need different content on each stage of the funnel.

Best Contents for Sales Funnel

Because you need different content to drive –æ to your blog than you need to close a deal.♥

Best Contents for Sales Funnel

Some content grows your audience and increases your reach. Some content builds trust and community and some content will turn some of your subscribers into customers.

Best Contents for Sales Funnel

Today, I give you some ideas for content for each stage of the funnel.

Top of the funnel – awareness stage

Best Contents for Sales Funnel

#1 Search-optimized blog posts

#2 Blog content for social media shares and likes

#3 Infographics

#4 Social Media Videos and No-click content

#5 Roundups and Interviews

#6 Guest Posts

Best Contents for Sales Funnel

Middle of the Funnel – Interest stage

#7 How-to articles

#8 How-to videos

#9 Guides and cheatsheets

#10 Free Mini/Email courses

#11 Welcome series emails

#12 Webinars and live lessons

Bottom of the funnel – Decision stage

#13 Sales enablement articles

#14 Landing Pages

#15 Your story content

#16 FAQ pages

#17 Testimonials

#18 Case studies and customer stories

Some of the content can be gated – that means you provide the content in exchange for an email address.

You should have a clear goal in mind for each piece of content you create. Do you want to drive traffic to your blog with this piece of content or do you want to make sales? Each goal needs different content.

If you keep this in mind, you will have more success with your content.

Where you aware that you need different content for each stage of your funnel?

Let me know what you want to learn next – just hit comment

  • Best Contents for Sales Funnel


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What Works Best To Get Email Subscribers From a Blog

Over the last 11 years, we have tried and tested dozens of different techniques to build our list.

We wanted to know what are the best ways and in what order do they perform.

So over the last two weeks, we tested the 5 most popular ways to show signup forms on a website.

They are:

  • The top of the homepage
  • Bottom of posts
  • Sidebar
  • Squeeze page’s
  • PopUp’s

Below is a breakdown of how well they did.

Before you continue, take a minute to think, in what order do you think they came?

The Results

ID Stats AWeber

Total new subscribers: 4382

  1. The PopUp brought in 2,803 new subscribers – 63.9%
  2. Footer Signup brought in 774 new subscribers – 17.6%
  3. Homepage Signup brought in 309 new subscribers – 7%
  4. Squeeze Page brought in 296 new subscribers – 6.7%
  5. Sidebar Signup brought in 200 new subscribers – 4.5%

All 5 techniques were active at the same time, competing against each other.

It’s worth mentioning that all of our traffic for this test is from free traffic sources, interested in a wide range of subjects. (which explains our low conversion rate)

Continue below to see a breakdown of why they performed the way they did.

Getting Email Subscribers From a Homepage Header Box

Get Email Subscribers From Your Homepage

We first added an opt-in box to our homepage back in 2007.

In 2009 we decided to try something bigger, we added a full-width opt-in box right under our header.

Overnight we saw a huge increase in new subscribers.

At the time, hardly anyone was displaying opt-in boxes like this. Now you see them everywhere and for good reason.

Most people who visit your homepage will come from other pages on your website. They come to your homepage because they have seen something that has made them interested enough in you that they wanted to stay and look around. Because of this, your homepage is one of the highest converting pages on your website.

Getting Email Subscribers With Below Blog Post Opt-in Boxes

Get Email Subscribers From Footer Opt-in Boxes

Having a subscription box below blog posts is a good idea because visitors have just read your post. Your post has just sold them on who you are and the value you can deliver.

Placement is everything. The difference between putting this box at the bottom of the page and the bottom of a post can be as much as 500%.

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