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We’re 100% committed to helping aspiring and established authors become bestselling authors. You’ve put your best foot forward by completing your book, leave the next critical steps to us.

We bring decades of marketing and creative experience to the table to ensure your book is Number One. We’ll handle every facet of your marketing, promotion, and sales creatives to drive your book to the top of the bestseller lists.

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 Technology has made it easier than ever for anyone to become a published author but the harsh realities of publishing haven’t changed, in fact, it’s become even harder as more authors swarm into the marketplace. You may have already had the unfortunate experience of “getting your hopes up”, only to find that nobody is reading or even knows about your book.


It doesn’t matter if you’ve just finished your book or if you’re looking to revive a book you wrote years ago, we can help. We have decades of real-world marketing, promotion, and packaging experience in publishing, media, and the entertainment industry. We’re specialists in the field of turning the “unknown” into bestsellers, no matter what.

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We Can Help

Imagine reviving and revitalizing that dream you had when you finally completed your book. It’s absolutely not your fault if you didn’t get the results you’d hoped for, book marketing and promotion is a difficult and very specialized discipline.

In fact, the most gratifying part of what we do is helping authors rediscover their author’s joy that maybe got a little tarnished by lackluster sales or mediocre marketing results.  Our expertise and marketing knowledge can help you revive, revitalize or even completely re-brand your “old book”. It doesn’t matter if your book is fiction, non-fiction, a collection of poetry.

Your Book. Our Expertise.
An author without an audience is like a great book with a mediocre ending. You’ve worked hard to make sure you’ve got a terrific story but great stories deserve an audience, and that’s precisely what we deliver.

You write books. We build bestsellers and this is your chance to be a bestselling author and make sure your voice is heard. Take your time and explore how we nurture authors and their books into bestselling success stories.

Often, a personal recommendation – whether that’s a tweet from a reader, a journalist’s review, a WhatsApp message from a friend or myriad other things – is what will tempt a reader to pick up a certain book.

But how do all those people find out about the book in the first place? The answer: through the publicity and marketing campaign for a book.

The differences between marketing and publicity

There are subtle differences between publicity and marketing, but the two departments work closely together, and their actions often complement each other. Both focus on reaching as many potential readers as possible.

Simply put, the distinction between comes down to how to reach those readers. Marketing is about utilizing paid-for channels, while publicity is free.

Marketing teams have larger budgets and focus on advertising, branding and audience, whereas publicists look after reviews and interviews (in newspapers, magazines and online) as well as tours and events. Of course, there are many crossovers – which is why the two teams work so closely with one another.

Marketing and publicity departments don’t just get involved when a book is about to be published – they’re integral throughout the whole publication process. Their involvement usually starts even before a book has been acquired, when they take part in the pitch meeting; telling an agent and author about their vision for a campaign. Marketing also influences the cover copy and the design approach for a book – thinking about what might appeal to the book’s target audience of readers.

Understanding these target readers – what they’re interested in, what they want from a book –  is so important to what marketers and publicists do. They also think carefully about how readers might go from hearing about a book to actually buying it. This target audience informs everything: for marketers it influences the type of websites on which to place digital ads, through to which train stations would be good targets for a poster campaign. For publicists, it determines which type media outlets they target, or where they should look to hold book tours or events.

 The author’s role in a campaign

Both the publicity and marketing teams will be in frequent contact with the author throughout the campaign, and will often work collaboratively with them on its direction.

Publicists tend to have more day-to-day contact with authors because they will usually accompany them to interviews or to events. They’ll also work closely with them in earlier stages of the publishing process, to help the author prepare for how to talk about their book in public and to the press.

Social media is a brilliant tool for engaging with your fans and recruiting brand new ones too. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, you can pick the platform that works best for you. Your marketer will often provide you with assets that you can use to promote your book on your social platform – these can range from lifestyle assets to animated graphics to trailers.

Consider taking your followers on your book journey with you – with teaser quotes from your book and a behind the scenes look at the process. If you’re comfortable, you could also consider doing Instagram Lives – which could take the form of reading an extract from your book and answering any questions from your followers.

Promoting your book on social media might seem overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be – and you don’t need to spend all day on each platform. Make use of scheduling tools so you can schedule content for peak times on social media.

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