Fighting Life Battles without wounds

A gallant solder is the one that wins a battle without wound. If you fight a battle
and won with wounds, you may pay for it latter. The dangers of having a wound
or getting killed are involved in the fights of today.
If you must fight any battle in life, strive as much as possible not to get yourself
wounded in the process. Having body damage and destruction is a common
experience in battles of life. The victims of war can testify to this.
It takes every carefulness, strategies and tactics to fight battles of life
unwounded. Look, without the grace of God and high support from several
quarters, life battles are extremely difficult to win with less or without damages.
You just need to be determined and be extremely careful in waging wars against
the enemies of progress.
In life, some went to battle field in full force with highly packed weapons; display
strategies, tactics and reinforcement that are too glaring to dispute or go against.
Eventually, they won the battle. They defeated their enemies. But during the war,
by mistake or otherwise got bullet wounds from the incident .On returning from
the battle field, rejoicing for the victory, pains from the wounds stroked and
eventually got them killed thereafter. What sort of victory is that?
A battle won without living to witness or enjoy the joy of victory. God forbids
such! If you must win, you must prepare for a gallant victory. A victory without
pains attached. An accident free victory is a lasting and the best to aim at all the
time. Good success does erase all pains and scare along the route. A good driver
is the one drives on the road without an accident.
In the world today, many people understand that you have to fight to survive. In
fact, it is a common saying that: ‘’Life is the survival of the fitness’’. Yes, you have
to fight to win; no battle is won on platter of gold. It takes serious confrontation
to seize power from the enemy, whether physical battle or spiritual warfare. No
war is a joking affair. No victory without fighting a battle in the real sense of it.

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