Financial Heritage:How To Build Your Wealth On the Right Foundation

As foundation is important to the creation of a building so also it is to the building of wealth
anywhere in the world. Those who are into business don’t handle foundation with levity. An engineer friend
of mine once told me when I was executing a project that I must be prepared to spend some funds on the
foundation if I don’t want the building to give me unavoidable headache of cracking later. It was from him
that I understand that statement: “the deeper the foundation, the higher the building is likely to be”.
To determine whether a building will last just study and evaluate how much effort is expended on
constructing the foundation. However, if the foundation is faculty, what will the righteous do? When a lame
man carries a load and it appears bent on top, they say, don’t blame him by mere looking at the top but
check below. The fault is down not at the top. Most people look at a deformed individual without watching
the foundation.
Foundation is everything when it comes to lasting wealth. There can be no financial heritage
without building the right foundation for such. I have been privileged to witness the ups and downs of the
business world. I have met with the so called rich and wealthy individuals of yester=years whose presence at
ceremony will change the music tempo no matter how close or otherwise they were to the celebrants. Most
musicians will have to focus their side all in the name of cash that will be raining like a body under faulty
Imagine the uncountable tons of brand – new naira notes (untouched) that has gone to the cooler
without any positive impact Wasted and gone forever. Some of those money – sprayers are alive today but
long dead financially. If you must make a mistake, avoid financial mistake of any kind. Never mess-up
yourself financially. I kept wondering why those strikingly rich men and women of yester – years now beg
to survive. They are left with their own shadows, why?
The answer is not far fetched. Many people acquired wealth wrongly. They lack the required insights
and nuggets that can ensure a lasting and enduring wealth.
Welcome to “Financial Heritage” count yourself extremely luck to have this newspaper. This
column shall help you develop the right insights for wealth creation and financial legacy. Do you desire
money with peace of mind? Financial Heritage promises you balanced recipe that will empower all and
sundry financially.
Building Wealth on wrong foundation has been responsible for the stories of woe and financial
disasters experienced by many people in our society. You can build a lasting wealth if you start on the right
foundation. Equally, if you adhere to some of the ancient – long wealth creation insights that I’ve prepared
for your digest.
Henry Ford was asked in an interview: What will be his fate if he should wake up one day to
discover that all his fortunes are gone. His response was a great surprise to all and sundry. Ford said he will
start all over again and in les time all the lost fortunes will return almost double like the experience of job in
the Holy Bible. What is the secret? Henry said: if you remove my wealth; you can’t remove the insights used
in acquiring those wealth. I’ll only need to repeat the knowledge used before and get the same result. Whao!
With Elder (Dr.) Smart O. Oyejide

That is what financial heritage is all about your financial intelligent or financial education is one of the best
forms of education you must strive to have if you desire a lasting wealth. Really, Henry Ford was never
afraid of bad times because of his financial heritage.
Look, to start a business that will not fail or died prematurely, you need wealth insights also known
as business sense to create wealth without sorrow; you must possess the fear of God which is the beginning
of wisdom. To be rich with clean hands, you must have a complete clear understanding of the principles of
money making. To be wealth and multiply without measure or melt – down, you must acquire deeper
knowledge of viable things that generates or attracts wealth no matter the economic conditions of the world.
It takes a deeper knowledge and concrete financial heritage not to experience any economic melt – down.
A businessman with wealth insight will act in opposite direction when it comes to investment,
trading or manufacturing. See Aliko Dangote who kept establishing various manufacturing industries despite
complaints of “high cost of production” by other colleagues of his in the same sector Dangote is forging
ahead based on wealth creation insight that sees beyond on the present predicaments.
Imaging several investors is now scared of buying shares or investing in the stock exchange market
because of the sharp drop in prices of share. Whereas, an investor with right wealth insight will understand
vividly that the best time to buy shares or invest is when everybody is selling. Whereas, the hottest and best
time to sell is when everybody is buying that simple understanding made warren Buffet to be one of the
richest investors in the world today. Insight of any kind can carry you far than imagined.
If you desire financial success in life, make a deeper research about things that are mindful of.
What do you understand about wealth creation? Is it by looting the treasury that you assume your
wealth will grow and outlast you? Oh! You’ve got it wrong! That will tantamount to building wealth on a
wrong foundation. Corruption does not build wealth instead it destroys. It is like sleeping with fire inside the
roof of a house. Sooner or later, such a building will get burnt to ashes. Take it or leave it, those who steal to
get rich are not wise but foolish. “Real winners never cheat, cheaters never win”, Says a Chinese adage.
No financial heritage is possible with Corruption or stealing. Those with the right insights will never steal
to build their wealth or financial heritage because, they are aware of the future implications of such actions
and deeds.
Do you desire to build your wealth on the right foundation? If so, come along with me as I take you
through various lessons of personal financial development and wealth creation insights and secrets. By the
grace of God, those teaching will land every ardent reader of this column in the city of lasting wealth
without bitterness.
Meanwhile, you can make your comments, remarks and enquires on wealth creation business
success, investments and personal finance. For your business or investment advice, get in touch with me. In
addition, a free copy of my publication: “how to Attain Financial Success” which is available on request.
08130300857 Email: – Elder (Dr.) Smart Oyedotun Oyejide.

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