God is doing what He says He will do

When you have an encounter with God, a difference occurs in
your life. Look, you can't meet with God and remain the same!
Something somewhere somehow must change for the better.
Meeting God is full of impacts.
As a form of testimony, what God did that marvel us in those days
when we were young in the lord as Christians; we kept heralding
the news about the goodness of Jesus.
We kept telling the testimony around. We left no place without
telling people about the good news that was found.
In addition, we never stopped informing the people that He will do
also what has not been done.
And our God kept doing what we told people that He will do for
us.God was supplying our needs stress free as we trusted Him to
do so on daily and regular basis.
Now, I discovered that God will do whatever we confessed He
can do.
Can you imagine? Years ago, God gave us a new life through
Jesus Christ. Then, we were nothing but a born-again Christian
only. Like Moses, we had only a staff. The staff is the holy spirit of
God that confirmed the work of salvation made manifest.
But along the line, we were rejoicing all the time for the biggest
thing that good God did for us free of charge.
We kept dancing for joy, rejoicing and happy all the time for the
biggest gift of salvation received from the Lord through the work of redemption
doneon the cross of Calvary by Jesus Christ-which is the
salvation of oursoul.
What a marvelous experience ever! We kept testifying about it
allaround the world that we were saved with the precious blood of

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