God Is Doing what we said He will Do

God Is Doing what we said He will Do
By Pastor (Dr.) Smart Oyedotun Oyejide

When you have an encounter with God, a difference occurs in your life. Look, you can’t meet with God and remain the same! Something somewhere somehow must change for the better. Meeting God is full of impacts.
As a form of testimony, what God did that marvel us in those days when we were young in the lord as Christians; we kept heralding the news about the goodness of Jesus.

We kept telling the testimony around. We left no place without telling people about the good news that was found.
In addition, we never stopped informing the people that He will do also what has not been done.

And our God kept doing what we told people that He will do for us.God was supplying our needs stress free as we trusted Him to do so on daily and regular basis.
Now, I discovered that God will do whatever we confessed He can do.

Can you imagine? Years ago, God gave us a new life through Jesus Christ. Then, we were nothing but a born-again Christian only. Like Moses, we had only a staff. The staff is the holy spirit of God that confirmed the work of salvation made manifest.

But along the line, we were rejoicing all the time for the biggest thing that good God did for us free of charge.

We kept dancing for joy, rejoicing and happy all the time for the biggest gift of
salvation received from the Lord through the work of redemption done on the cross of Calvary by Jesus Christ-which is the salvation of our soul.
What a marvelous experience ever! We kept testifying about it all around the world that we were saved with the precious blood of Jesus.

Evidence of the Change of life as a new creature was eminent and could not be denied!
Happily enough, we announced it far and wide that Jesus Christ changed our lives from sin to saints. We were happy, joyous and proud to be for Jesus Christ in the world ridden with darkness and wickedness.
Along the line, we never stopped from declaring and confessing that the Good God that saved us from sin and destruction will take good care of us and provide for our needs according to His riches in Jesus Christ. The God that could save the soul would be powerful enough to feed the body. And perfectly, God did it for us at last!

Then, people thought we were crazy. They assumed that we were not serious enough.They felt we had no good ambitions to aspire unto anything better in life. They got us wrong. Far from it, we had good hope that our future will be made better off in the Lord that we trusted.
Friend, but today by the special grace of God, those who thought we were crazy and out of our sense for accepting Jesus Christ and followed the way of God can now see the big difference which is glaring and pleasant after forty-two years on the journey of no regrets. Our God did not let us down in any way. There was disappointment from the good God that we trusted for a better life since then.

God did several things for us more, more and more than what we confessed to people that He will do for us as His children. That is the good father for you.

It is of good profit to seek the kingdom of God. When you taste it, you will see that the Lord is good indeed!

A faithful and covenant keeping God. He is the best to serve. God will never promise and fail no matter the situation or circumcises.
As we kept telling others along the way that God will do greater things for us to make life better,

That very God kept doing more than what we confessed openly that He will do. Indeed, we are serving a big God. What a bigger God that is greater that human imagination? I declared and confessed that the good God has been so nice to me in all ways.

To be candid, I did not deserve such a favor, but for Jesus Christ sake, God did for me far beyond my expectation all the times. Good God, I thank you in trillion times!
Friend, which one did we mentioned in the past that God will do that He never did? What exactly did we confessed openly that God will supply for us that He failed to do?

What were the things that we proclaimed Jesus Christ will do that He did not proved us right? What exactly did we confessed to the whole world that is possible for our God to resolve that become impossible?

Nothing, but nothing in particular! With our God, all things (including all things) became possible. We are happy and extremely grateful to the almighty God. We are appreciative to Jesus Christ, Our savior. We also thank the Holy Spirit that is making us what we are today for the glory of God!!!
Daily, as we confessed and declared to the whole world what God will do for us!

He is doing it nonstop in our lives and ministry. Our families are witnessing the touch of God. The good hand of God is upon us for Good. Look, we have not stopped from telling the world and the people about bigger things that will do not have but have the strong belief that God will get it for us. It is a matter of time.

Invariably, God kept surprising us on daily basis along the way. The more we confessed it, the more He does it for us. Could you image? When we proclaimed that God will us build a house, in return, He built for us mansion houses, shopping complex, plaza etc.
When you demonstrate faith, the world will say that you’re dynamic. Therefore, do not be left out of the unlimited goodness of God. Join us today to serve the lord through Jesus Christ, so that you can have peace in the troubled world that you find yourself today.

Please, accept Jesus that can make your life better than imagined. He did it for me and am double sure that he will do it for you too if you can only suffer render unto Him your life like I did forty-two years ago.
Those who failed to consider Jesus as the savor are not wise enough .Sincerely! Stop the struggles; submit your life to the good savior Jesus Christ that will make the best out of it for you.
Stop living with the alternative, go for the original today.

Life gets better with Jesus!
Great Men of God like Bishop David Oyedepo,  EnochAdeboye, kayodeAbiara, JamesOlalekanOyelade and a host of others are having the best of their lives because they surrendered to Jesus Christ to make the best out of it for them. Get it right, so that it can be right and well with you in life.
No matter your struggles, if you should fail to have God in it, you will labor in vain. Your assumed wisdom will make you appear foolish at the end of the day miserably.
This is an ample chance and big opportunity to start experiencing something good. You can start to have a taste of the good God to the fullest. Jesus is sweeter than honey. No other taste is better than the one of Jesus! Be among the wise, build your tent with the good savor Jesus Christ today and begin to experience the “Real Life “of super and divine abundance of fruitfulness, favor, peace and unlimited prosperity.

Enough of that fake,

unsettled life that you are carrying about all these years. Do some that will profit you instead.

Someone has the best for you-I mean Jesus Christ! You may not accept any other thing under heaven, never failed to accept Jesus Christ! YES…JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!



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