How Creative Are You?

CREATIVITY involves the use of skills and imagination to produce something new. Most works of art such as writing stories, plays and poems are regarded as creative writing. While works of fine art such as sculpture, graphics,
painting etc. done by artists are also regarded as creative work. However,
simply put, having special skill and ability to produce something new is what creativity
is all about.
God is the greatest creator. As great and old God is, the ancient of ages is noted for
creating new things almost every second to amaze his creatures. God said in one of the
scriptures that: I will do a NEW THING now it will spring up.” It takes the power of
creativity to do something new.
These days, we all need to be creative in one way or the other so as to survive the
trends that is facing all of us. We can not continue to be doing things the same way and
expect a new result. Old strategies, methods, ideas and approach to doing things no longer
work as expected. The world is growing old every second, new strategies are needed to
sustain it. In order to really move forward business wise or otherwise, a form of creativity is
highly needed. A person that is creative will always find solution to any creative ideas that
attracts goodies and progress.
As an individual, you need to place a demand on your creativity if you must achieve
unique success and make reasonable progress in this world of competition and complexity. A
genius is said to be someone who shoots at a target no one else sees and hit it. To excel, you
must be highly prepared to be doing things creatively. You need to be unique and dynamic.
Every human being including you is unique and wonderfully created by the greatest
creator, God. You have the creative ability in you to amaze the world in your chosen field if
you can demonstrate it. You are wonderfully created as a STAR to SHINE and you must
It is a great pity that the most people in the world today don’t discover themselves to
be the shining stars they are meant to be. Stars always shine but men who are stars rarely rise
and shine. What a contradiction? What a great disaster? We lack both spiritual and physical
development of our in – born abilities. This is a serious problem that must be attended to
immediately. If you are not spiritually developed, you will be missing a lot of things in this
world of uncertainty.
Look, you are not an empty bottle to be filled with ordinary water or any other liquid.
You are a strong candle to be lit; you are wonderfully created for creativity. You should spring surprises. You have what it takes. You only need to get yourself right, be what you are
supposed to be as from today henceforth and be serious about your live. Unless you are what
you are created to be, you can’t be fulfilled.
Whatever you can imagine can be made possible with time. The power of creativity if
well utilized can move our nation forward. New intentions can be made possible, new stories
can be told, new structures can be built. In fact, everything can be made entirely new.
Something new is what creativity does. From now on expect something new to happen.
When explaining “creativity” Pastor Femi Emmanuel of “Turning Point” fame said:
“Your eyes look for opportunity, your ear listen for direction, your mind requires a
challenge and your heart longs for God’s way. Your heart has eyes that the brain
knows nothing of (insights). Everything starts like someone day – dreaming. All people
of tremendous and fascinating actions are first dreamers.”
The great wonder of our imagination is that it has the strong power and ability to light
its fire. Indeed, human ability is a flame, human creativity is a blaze. There is no-limitation
to human imagination. You can always imagine and come up with something new. Unlike an
airplane, your imagination can take off, day or night in any kind of weather or circumstance.
In fact, anything is possible in the realm of imagination most especially when a strong
mindset of possibility is engaged. Creativity and originality are far more important than
technical skills.
Unfortunately, we were misinformed that nothing is new under heaven or never to
cross a bridge till we come to it. Indeed, all these old facts are setting a limit to our
development and progress. Erase that from your mind. You can create something new.
People are doing better things these days in another dimension. New and better things
springing up afresh.
Many of us are now realizing that this world is actually owned by men who have
crossed bridges in their imaginations, far ahead of the crowd and have adopted a creative
approach to issues at stake. That is why I asked the simple question: How Creative are you?
One day, Michelangelo (a great artist of our time) saw a block of marble that the
owner said was of no value. “It is valuable to me” said Michelangelo; “there is an angel
imprisoned in it, and I must set it free”. We all need to see beyond the ordinary if we must
move forward. You must endeavor to observe the future and act promptly before it occurs.
Get it straight, and clear as from today. Your dreams are an indicator of your potential
greatness and you will know it’s a God-given idea because it will always come to you with
the force of a revelation. Therefore; to bring out the creativity in you, set aside part of your
time on daily basis for creative thinking, most especially when your mind is not under
pressure or stress, try to imagine something new.
Bring out someone from nothing mentally. The outcome will always spring a surprise.
In fact, the creation of a thousand forests of opportunity can be found in one small acorn of
an idea. Engage your mind for creative ideas that can help solve human problems, it will
make you rich. You will shine like stars thereafter.

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