How Prepared Are You For the Next Change That is Inevitable?

Prepare for change…

Change is inevitable!

-Elder (Dr.) Smart Oyedotun Oyejide

Every other thing may not be sure or certain in this world, but CHANGE is inevitable. No matter how, a change will occur somehow, somewhere. We just need to get ready for it all the time.

No wonder that the common adage says: No condition is permanent. The factor that never conditions to be permanent is “Change”. Things are never made to remain the same all the time. It’s not possible. Life is not created to be static but to be motivational. Every motion involves a change.

Whether we like it or not change is bound to occur to every situation or event under heaven. In fact, the most common experience at every moment is change. Things are changing every second. Whether we notice it or not nothing remains the same expect God or Jesus Christ that changed not. If you observe the environment closely or critically; you will notice several changes that are happening every moment 24/7.

If you are not God, you will change and things will change and continue to change for you. Equally, If your condition or experience (No matter what) is not claiming to be God,then it will change no matter how stubborn it may be proving to be.

That is why my father during his days will always console people facing any difficult to endure the situation by saying : ‘’Eni Egungun nle ko maa roju, bi o ti re ara aye naa lo maa nre ara orun.’’[That it’s anybody that a masquerade is running after should endeavor to run faster because the masquerade will soon get tired.] Change is natural. It is common. It is inevitable.

The strong can be weak or influenced. The powerful ones can become powerless. The most influenced can be unrecognized again. That is what life can do for anybody. No experience is made to be continuous without changes along the line. If we all understand this bitter truth, it will guide our attitudes and behavior in the society that we find ourselves.

It is a great pity that human beings do not learn lesson where they ought to have. No wonder that the lazy man was instructed in proverbs to go and learn good lessons from the aunts in other to be wise.

If you should fail to learn lessons from the right sources; change will make you imbibe them from lesser or bad sources.

A rich man that does not know how to save and invest resources will soon learn a bitter lesson of life when change of condition occurs to him suddenly. It there and then, that he would understand that what is sweet may not be made to last longer or forever.

I kept reflecting back at the stinking rich people in the society few years back that their names are almost forgotten in matters of time. Such individuals who were big substances in the community then are hardly heard of today due to changes that they have experienced that have made them be shadow of wealth.

Such people when most are usually full of stories about how things are rosy for them in times past. They are usually teachers of history. They often mentioned in their statements “When I was this and that”……. The past tense of life is what they kept dwelling upon due to a change of life that had visited them.

Life is delicate. We should be conscious of that. The way things are today, it will definitely not going to be so tomorrow. That is the more reason why you and I need to get ready for whatever change that may occur. You should get set for the next tune that the song we are really in power! Power!! Power!!!

Today, because you’re really in power in terms of position, money or influence, you better do things softly. You better think twice and stop misbehaving. Life is not to be so trusted. Changes are the common a changes is on the way. You may have power today; there is no guarantee of retaining the power until tomorrow. It may be time for change.

I know of governors, head of palatals, captains of industries, wealthy men, celebrities and great politicians who were in- charge in those days. But today, hardily will you be able to recognize their preserve at occasions simple because a change of event had occurred. That is life! Such is life!

I was privileged to attend a ceremony in the city of Ibadan few years ago where a military administrator in one of the popular state in Nigeria was in attended. The man came only with his personal driver. All the glamour has gone. No blasting of shrine that do herald such caliber of people in power. Everything had gone with the winds yet the man is alive as an ordinary citizen. What a lesson to learn?

If you feel you are something today it is good, I thank God for you. But, please do things with the fear of God. A change may occur. Whether you desire it or not, things are not made to be permanent. We can only manage them to be permanent. We can only manage them to be or endure them for a while. This consciousness will guide individuals never to misbehave or misuse things or abuse situation that we may be privileged to find ourselves.

You may be rich today other friends and colleagues of yours may appear poor with little or no achievement to write home about. Do not allow that to tempt you to be proud or arrogant. Instead, be wise and get yourself prepared for anything that life may bring your way. (We may not pray for bad things, God forbids, but despite, bad things sometimes occur).

Always remember that those who claimed to have today don’t have anything yesterday. But as a result of change, life has favored them. If tomorrow again, life will still favor some set of people who are nothing at the moment.

Everything is made to be rotational. It may be tomorrow or any other day. You need not be boastful of anything in life, instead, learn to be thankful or grateful to God. Life is not stable; it may appear steady at times. Anything can happen to anybody. We only pray good things to happen all the times. It is never so. Life is full of ups and down.

Haba!! You won election today and you are planning to be in that position forever! It is not possible. Do not deceive yourself even if other politicians are trying to deceive you. There is need for a change, be part of that change.

If you don’t want life to harm you or make you swallow bitter truth unprepared, always imbibe the philosophy that nothing is made to be permanent but for a while.

You may be the president of this country today, it is for a while, simply because a change that position you are occupying whether you like it or not. Whatever you may be today, a change awaits you sooner or later. There will be turn of events which nobody can predict, influence or curb.

You may find yourself at the top of the ladder today. What will happen tomorrow? Are you going to remain at the top? You may desire so, but it never so!

Get set for the next place to be. I remembered one Nigerian head of state who later became student of the university where he was a visitor. Life is like that. Just imagine, I once became a lecturer to my former teacher, who taught me at the Teachers’ College in those days. Changes brought that because life is not steady. If we don’t want to be labor ourselves or get frustrated, we all need to learn about changes and get prepared for such at anytime. This plain-truth is helpful if you can have a better understand it.

We must learn from history. History will always repeat itself. The truth is too plain to be denied.

Are you prepared for a change? What are the changes you desire spiritually, financially and physically? In what aspects of your life those changes should occur? What attempts or effort have you put in place for the desired changes to materialize?  Since a change will happen, you just must get prepared for it now or never! Those who desire financial changes this time around should visit these sites for further information: 08130300857



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