How The Rich Invent Money Worldwide?

WHO says you can not mint your own money? Those who know the secret I’m about to reveal in this write-up are doing it legally and quietly even with the backing of our government. Have never comes across any rich man in this world including Bill Gates and Our Aliko Dangote and Jimoh
Ibrahim who does not understand the simple secret of inventing money.
Why are they rich if they don’t have their own central Bank of money? For instance,
Dr Mike Adenuga (Jr) of Globacom will not be relevant to our economy if he does not
understand vividly the secret I’m about to reveal to you. Jim Ovia of Zenith Bank
international Plc would still remain in the village probably growing cassava or selling spare-
parts somewhere in one of the notable markets in Abuja, Ibadan or Lagos if he is a novice as
regards the understanding of how the rich event money. The road to wealth is a serious
business. It is only for those who can take the risk. It is a great pity that millions of people in
the world today lack the simple understanding of how to ‘manufacture’ money. Yet they cry
for money. They search for money everyday everywhere. They device several schemes
including “Baba Ijebu or Pennywise” to catch it. Despite, making money in the actual sense
has become elusive to the majority of our people. As it is only the rich ones in the society
that have the exclusive right to money invention. The money some individuals have in fixed
deposit is clear evidence that they have their own minting process. According to one of the
principles of economics, you can not have much of any commodity without mass production
or manufacturing. Money is a product. It is a commodity. The same way, you can not have
many riches without inventing money.
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about making rituals to get money. Anybody, no
matter how wealthy he may be that passed through that route or make money in that way will
end up in sorrow. That is for sure that is a sure-banker! If you invent your money wrongly. It
will wrong you totally, eventually. Therefore, invent money and not sorrow, pain or unrest.
Those who are actually rich are always wise enough not to throw the fear of God into the
From my experience as a business clinic doctor, management consultant and financial
advisor to both the rich and the poor, I discover that the rich invent money and make money
everyday. Whereas, the poor in his quest to make money mass produce liabilities, problems
and setbacks using the same tools that the rich man is using. What a disaster? The rich man
uses money to make money. The poor invest, with money, whereas the poor spends his own

With Elder (Dr.) Smart O. Oyejide

money. What a contradiction. The rich is sick as a result of finding where to spend his
money as regards investment to get more, whereas, the poor is tired, knocked – down and lay
on bed with heavy burden as a result of how to make money. He is taken to the hospital
established by the rich man. He purchases the drug recommended for treatment from the
store of the rich man at an expensive price. Uses the drug manufacture from the factory
establish by the rich man. Get the money to pay his hospital bills from the salary he was paid
as a worker in one of the rich man’s business. His children attend the established by the rich
man. In summary, the poor is the limit machine for the rich. The poor works for money
whereas the rich works with money. It is a crime to be poor. Although, the poor will still be
with us but must you be poor if you know how to be rich? What pride is in status or symbol
that labeled an individual poor. Have you seen a poor man living in a rich home. It does not
last forever. No matter how many cars you have, once you have poverty – mind set, all you
need is time and the difference will show up.
Get it right, it is not lack of money that makes most people poor. It is far from it.
Everybody has money. Both the rich and the poor have money. But the quantity may not be
the same, for instance, I am rich by the grace of God. As a child of God and minister of the
gospel, I am a rich man by any standard. With the exemption that I am yet to have a ship or a
personal jet. There is nothing a rich man has that I don’t have in a proportion. I may not be as
rich as Aliko Dangote. But I am a rich man in my own way. Dangote has investment in
shares and stocks. I have as well. Aliko dangote owns various businesses directly and
indirectly. The same is applicable to me as the chairman, chief executive officer of Orisun
Ayo Ventures. What else? Dangote as a rich man manufactures flour, sugar and cement. I
equally manufacture books, chalk and messages. Whereas the poor man manufactures
children. Can you imagine a man earning N30, 000 per month, living in a rented apartment
with two wives and thirteen children? Men are working and acting against themselves. Yet
they blame God, government and the rich. You don’t have to blame or envy the rich. The
secret of the rich is not hidden. The rich makes his money by inventing money through the
establishment of various businesses, investment in stocks and having real estate. The poor
helps in so many ways to aid the rich invent money. Who is to blame?
As a reader of this article, you are either rich or poor. It is either you invent money for
the rich or people are in one way or the other helping you to invent money through a system
that you have established. Everything in life is a matter of choice. If you choose to be rich,
do what the rich does, learn to invent money. If you find that to be strikingly difficult, remain
poor by helping the rich invent his money. If you don’t have a choice then the rich man will
determine it for you. But I pity your future. It is not a sure banker. Be business wise. Develop
a good wealth insight and be financially intelligent.

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