How to Get More Views on Twitter Exposed

How to get more views on Twitter”
And if you are currently not active on Twitter, don’t leave just yet. Because most of the tips, you can use on other social networks as well.

The question is great because it implies that you already understand that it is no longer all about growing followers. Social networks use an algorithm to decide who sees your posts. And that algorithm uses a lot more than the follower list to decide who to show your posts to.

Focus on Engagement

The most important metric that you need to focus on is engagement. The more people engage with your posts, the more people will see not just this post, but also the next posts you publish.

Yes, your followers play a role. It is easier to reach 10 people if you have thousands of followers than if you have 1. But you will reach more of your followers is they also engage with your posts.

If you want to increase your reach, you need to engage and post engaging tweets.

Stay on Target

Don’t fall for the clickbaity engagement posts that have nothing to do with your niche. They may increase engagement but the audience you can find through them is not YOUR audience.
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Instead, post things that are of interest to your target audience.

Provide Value = Grow your audience

You don’t want empty engagement. You want people to like your posts so much that they want to see your next post and the post after that. You want them to want your posts enough to click that follow button.

You can only achieve that if your posts provide value.

The problem? When you don’t have followers the above is not enough.

When you are starting and your followers are your best friend and a colleague, you have a hard time growing on Twitter or any social network for just posting.

Big influencer accounts can simply post and watch the likes and comments flood in. Beginner social media users or social media posters with a small audience cannot stop here.

The answer: Engage

If engagement does not come to you, go out there and engage with other people from your niche.

Comment on interesting posts, answer questions and always respond to comments on your posts.

You have probably read the above tip a million times. But it still leaves you with a problem: How can you find the posts on which you want to comment?

Follow people from your niche: competitors, tool providers, influencers – comment on interesting posts from these in your feed.
Search for tweets from your niche. Use keywords and phrases in Twitter search and check the tweets. Answer questions and comment on tweets around these keywords.
If you do the above, more tweets from your niche will show up in your feed – at least in the “For You” section.

I work with Twitter lists. I collect people tweeting about interesting topics in lists on Twitter. I add to these lists whenever I find new interesting tweeps.

I also check the follower lists of people I like on Twitter. Often they follow very interesting people and are followed by people from my target audience. I add some of these to my Twitter list.

Twitter lists have a feed. I check this feed for my lists daily and engage with a couple of tweets.

(You can find out more about Twitter lists in my recent blog post.)

Growing your reach on social networks is not a one-way street. Reach comes with engagement and building community.

When I started my Twitter journey, you could be successful with a fully automated Twitter account – although you then missed all the fun.

But social networks and Twitter have changed. Today, success comes with becoming part of the conversation. And more engagement will increase your reach.

One more thing to keep in mind: It is not enough to join the conversation once. This needs to become part of your daily routine. You have to show up every day and talk to some people. Success comes with consistency.

I hope this helps!

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