How to Make Affiliate Sale Or Make Money Online Blogging

How to Make Affiliate Sale Or Make Money Online Blogging





I always get asked about making money blogging.

In fact the number one question I get is “How do I make money blogging?“.

And that question is easy to answer!

Because you can make money blogging by:

·  Putting ads on your blog

·  Selling your own products and services

·  Selling someone else’s products and services

These are the methods most bloggers use to make their money (there are of course other ways to make money blogging! But this is how a lot of bloggers do it, including myself).





Now there’s no doubt in my mind that the simplest method for making money is placing ads on your blog.

Because you literally just:

1.    Sign up with an ad network (I’m with Monumetric)

2.    The ad network will put ads on your blog

3.    Then when people read your blog, you make money

Simple, right?

Well it is!

But THEN the work comes in when you try and get people to read your blog.

Because it takes a LOT of work to get the hundreds of thousands of blog readers that you really need to make decent money from ads.





Now in my opinion, the best way to make money blogging is selling your own products or services.

Because you can earn a lot of consistent money selling something you’ve created (and you can make your products/ services absolutely AWESOME so people always come back and buy more from you!).

But when I tell people that the best way to make money blogging is selling something they’ve made themselves?

Well, they get a little scared.

“Why would anyone buy something made by ME?”.

“What would I sell?”.

“How would I even sell it?!”.

And I understand these worries because I had them myself.

And it was only after I’d been blogging for a while that I was comfortable selling my own products and services.

So if you are a beginner blogger, I’d say the best way to make money blogging is affiliate marketing.





Affiliate marketing is basically when you sell someone else’s products or services.

Now when I put it like that it sounds super slimey.

Because you probably think that selling anything (whether it’s something you’ve created or someone else has) comes across as fake and desperate.

But what if I told you people WANT you to sell to them?

They WANT to know your favorite red lippy.

Or the weight loss program that helped you lose 10lb in a month.

Or what ingredients you use to make your fudge brownies so delicious.

People WANT to know about your favorite products.

Because if they’re reading your blog, they’re interested in what you’ve got to say.

And if they’re interested in what you’ve got to say?

They’re gonna be interested in the products you use and love!





In a nutshell, affiliate marketing works by:

1. You sign up to an affiliate program (for a product that you like and use yourself).

2. You are given a unique affiliate link.

3. You place that link on your blog.

4. If someone clicks on the link and buys the product, you are given some money (think of it as a “thank you” payment from the person who owns the product for helping them to make a sale!).

Now that’s the basics of it.

But there is a lot more to it (the plug-ins to use on your blog, making sure you are staying legal, etc).





If you’re an affiliate marketing beginner and you want to start making sales, there is a course I “sort of” like.

Why “sort of” you ask?

Well I’m going to be honest here – I do really like this course because I think it’s perfect for learning about affiliate marketing if you are new to it.

BUT I don’t like it because of the price.

It’s quite expensive, and I know most new bloggers do not have that much money to spend.

But having said that, you may already know about this course after hearing other bloggers talk about it.

And that’s because it’s one of “THE” courses beginner bloggers tend to take in order to start making money with affiliate marketing.

So what course is it?

12 Minute Affiliate





Now don’t get me wrong – know it’s expensive for beginner bloggers.

A few years ago it took me months of saving as a new blogger to finally be able to purchase it.

But is it worth it?

If you’re new to affiliate marketing I’d definitely say yes.

Because it covers everything you need to know to start making affiliate sales!

The course creator really knows his stuff – he makes over $50,000 a month from affiliate marketing (that’s not a typo. I repeat – not a typo).

And I do credit this course for giving me the strategies to finally start making affiliate sales (I say finally as it took me a lot of struggling to learn before I took it!).

Now I know I’m nowhere near making as much money as he does from affiliate sales…

…But thanks to 12 Minute Affiliate:

·  I made my first affiliate sale as a new blogger with under 3,000 page views a month

·  Since taking the course I’ve made over $3,000 ($3292.58 to be exact – yes I went through all my blogging income reports and added all my affiliate income earnings up!)

So it really does help new bloggers to get started with affiliate marketing.

And I personally think it is totally worth the investment (you probably already knew that given how much money I’ve earned since taking it!).





Now you know I don’t typically promote this course often as I think it’s a bit too pricey for my average reader.

– BUT –

If you’ve heard of 12 Minute Affiliate and you want to learn how to finally start making affiliate sales now is the time to buy the course.

Because the creator rarely holds sales, and I don’t know when the next time you’ll be able to get the course at this lower price will be (he may even put the price up, as a lot of course creators tend to do this over time as their courses become more popular!).

So if you want to invest in your blog but need to save money, now is your chance!

If you BUY NOW:

You will receive 15% off the course, making it $167.45 (again, I am not rich and I know this is expensive! So please ONLY buy if you are new to affiliate marketing but are ALSO in the position to invest in your blog right now).

You can check out 12 Minute Affiliate below:


REMEMBER: Get 15% off when you ORDER NOW!

And if you have any questions or worries about the course before you buy, please hit reply to this email and send them my way.

I will be more than happy to answer them the best I can


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