How to Start Earning Your First Dollar Online As A Beginner

How to Start Earning Your First Dollar Online Exposed

How to Make Money online for Beginners   A Complete-Step-By-Step Guide for Money Seekers Online

The 7 Figures Monthly Income Made Possible

This package shows vividly how to start earning Dollars as income
monthly if not weekly
Here are a well researched and proven information resources that will
show you places to make money on the internet and equally teach you
legit ideas and tricks plus methods used by the gurus to create
systems that kept producing dollars regularly into their bank accounts
With the information coming your way, you’ll become an exclusive
member of the dollar income Earners Club in your country.
If you implement the simple instructions as simply Explained
inside…You will soon have an income of 7 Figures Digit. The result
will amaze your imagination.
I am Dr. Smart  Oyedotun Oyejide a Nigerian foremost internet guru with clean records in the international Digital Market. Member, 50 Topmost; Member, International Association of Writers and
By the grace of God, I am not strange to making money online or
earning dollars on the internet through various legit activities that
I am engaged in as a Digital Marketer.
For an instant, I have been earning income from amazon .com monthly
for the past 7 years because I have over 50 ebooks and information
materials published on Kindle Self Publishing platform KDP as an
In addition, I worked and earn income regularly as a freelance Digital
marketer and SEO Expert on various top freelance sites such as upwork,
fiverr, peopleperhour,kwork ,fivesquid etc.
On ….. I had a single contract to edit and proofread a
62000 word manuscript for $750.
As a coach online/consultant in Digital Marketing, I charged 100k for
a few days’ mentor-ships. I have online businesses and engaged in
physical business as well.

You are very lucky to have a sincere Digital Marketing Guru who is
ready to share with you the secrets of online money making without
stress. By the grace of God, I have what it takes to reap from the
unlimited wealth on the internet today.

If really you mean business and serious, then you need the information
package that is introducing to you. You need it to start earning as
desired. It will make you smile like me and others, it will show and
teach you in simple terms what to do and how to take simple actions
that can make you begin to experience the desired financial fortunes.
I never regretted doing the information marketing business. It has
helped changed my financial status. One of the best places to make
money today is the internet. If not so, I will not bother you.
I implore you to join the race with me before it becomes late.. Little
is enough for the wise.

Too much talk can never fill up a basket.
I am interested in showing simple actions that will start earning you
income on the internet. Believe it, I am not here to cajole you but to
show you facts, share with you the right information that has been
working for me as explained in my package. You are assured of a 100%
return of your payment but you must also prove to me beyond conviction
why my product does not work for you. It is a divine way. It is a
mission for me.
My first published book in life is titled: How to Attain Financial Success in Life under Unlimited Success Books. It is one of the
foremost books that show the steps to financial freedom. All the
copies were sold.
Nobody except a few individuals teaches others the real and right
steps or actions that are leads to financial freedom. Others may be
selling books on online Money making, mine is with a difference. What
is contained in my package about money-making on the internet, only a
few wishes you come across it.
I teach and sell information packages that work with proven results,
this is evidence.

Look, no matter your financial hardship or need for extra income.
Even, if you are unemployed. I am divinely sent to you to make you
happy financially if only you are ready to do whatever I told you to
do with the belief that I will not misguide you in any way.
Why? I fear GOD.

I am not a fanatic but if I make you unhappy to
drain money out of you, it will not last. Nobody ever engaged in 419
or Yahoo Yahoo! And last in it. It is not possible. Therefore, I
resolved to sell to people what I discovered to be right and working
with sincere utmost good faith.

My friend, your financial success is my keen and desperate concern for now…therefore am selling to you this new package of Cash
income-generating on the internet: Online Dollar Earnings for Newbies And First Timers Exposed! How to Make Money online for Beginners   A Complete-Step-By-Step Guide for Money Seekers Online

I will be honest with You. Until I actually started making money on the internet myself, I thought it was a myth or lie. A dream that is just too good to true, a big scam that lures people into wasting their hard earned money. But here am like thousands of others around the world actually making a full-time living from my noble laptop for the past 15 years now!

The scams I feared are real and they are really tempting. I even got my fingers burnt with some that I never thought to be fake. But there are many clean and legitimate ways to make money online as well. You only need a mentor for guardian to show you the paths without pity.

This package am about to share with you will give a brief introduction to several ways you can make a living full-time on the web even if you are a total beginner. It will teach you the right steps to the proven real sites and programs for making your first $1000 online. At the end of the day, you will be able to say Bye-Bye to fake assurance that is common on the internet. Let me confess to you, there is real money on the internet for all of us to tap. You only need to understand How-to!

However, unlike many other documents on this unique topic, I will focus ONLY on real business models that can fetch you sustainable cash flow online. These ideas are real and proven to be lasting. They are indeed better in the long run and have full potentials to replace your day-job like I experienced some years back.
So do not expect to see methods like filling Surveys or Selling your organs on this list… I will teach you what is real, practical and sustainable inside the package:

Online Dollar Earnings for Newbies And First Timers Exposed! How to Make Money online for Beginners   A Complete-Step-By-Step Guide for Money Seekers Online
 Discover inside the Simple Actions and Steps to Earn your First $Dollar Online…Those Who Have Tasted it Are Saying …the Internet is Good! ..Now is your turn to experience it as well!

No matter where you are in the world today, if you have a good laptop, with internet connection and a smart phone, you can make legitimate money on the internet. It could be supplement your income via a side hustle or you could start your own business.
Inside this document, I focused on fantastic business ideas that are suitable for beginners that I also considered long-term business models and legitimate ways to make money online with no side effect now or latter. The businesses fetch you not only the first $Dollar, but thereafter will keep filling your pockets for years to come instead of the usual: Make Money Online Scams that are everywhere!

Just pick on one of them and start taking the right actions, you will find a way to make money online and business idea that suits you on the list inside- the result will amaze you simply because sooner than later, $Dollars will be flowing to you like flood…it will be like the arrival of a new baby…Believe me and God will be with you as well!
 Here are few of the topics covered inside the package:
*The 7 Money Skills You Need To Earn Dollars Online
*10 Routes To Financial Empowerment in Life
*Sure Ways To Start Making Money On The Internet without Investment
*How to Make Millions Online Selling Physical Products in Hot Demand
*12 Hottest Business Models You cannot Ignore
*50+Legitimate Online Businesses To Earn Dollars Non-Stop As A Newbie [ Proven Strategies for You]
*Resources For E-Commerce Business: How To Build A Profitable Online Stream Of Income This Year!
*How To Start Freelance Writing Business Online With No Experience
*How to Start Profitable Blogging on the Internet
*Internet Cash For You in 31 Days: The Simple Step-By –Step Guide.
*The Joy Of Owning A Business
*Gadgets Importation: A Lazy Mans Route to Online fortunes
*31 Fortune Making Websites
*Writing For Cash: Where to Start Making MONEY ONLINE Writing Simple Articles For Webmasters
*3 Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Online Business
*How to Start Business Online [While Working A Full Time Job]
*Words of Wisdom: Things To Understand About Money And Life
*There is Money on the Streets: 27 Places to Find Money For Wealth Seekers Today
*How to Become a Freelance Digital Marketer
*41 legit ways to make money online without being scammed
*The Digital Wealth Pro System…How to Earn $50,$100,$200 $500…Daily Instant Automated Payments Program …the American’s #1 Instant Pay System …the Best of the Best!
And Many More Inside
This Package could also be tagged:  The Genuine Online Wealth Fast Lane For Beginners
This simple and easy to read training package with relevant videos, pictures and illustrations will show you…How to start harvesting $Dollars on the internet from the scratch.


I will not leave you alone but serve as your mentor. I will always be available to coach and guide you, as you start this business. You can call or text me if you need my assistance in any area. You have free access to my email assistance 24/7 and you will always get a prompt response from me.
Free phone consultation services, you can call me and ask questions on any area that you may be having issues with along the line.
You will get to benefit from my several years of investments and noble experience in this business by the grace of God.
Look, I have done all the needed research, I have taken  all the risks for you, you won’t have to go through any trial and error before taking –off , instead, you start seeing good results in this business opportunity in good times any moment from now!
You will in no doubt agree that am generous this this offer and only a few Gurus will do so. This is just to prove that am interested in your success online. These documents teaches and shows how to make money on the internet with proven results.
 However, the guarantee of getting the bonuses is subject to your place the order with any delay in the next 48 hours, if not I cannot promise or assure you of the package with the 12 Bonuses inclusive which meant for only 100 people to place order. I hope you will make the number.
Having an online business seems to be ease and fast, this becoming a simple way to make money with little efforts.
You cannot regret getting a copy…it will change your financial status for the better. Let me confess it to you, this product is highly loaded with amazing facts and figures to will spur you into real wealth on the internet. Really, I have over satisfy you!

  • An Idiots  Guide To Getting Rich Online [$350 value]
  • Turkey List Building & Money Making Websites-$197 value[The easiest online Money Making System on the web]
  • Making Money With iphone App-$300
  • Sources Of Free Money For Asking]…List of Real Sites to Claim Money online to Finance Personal Projects]- $150
  • Kicking  Fear And Anxiety To The Curb $250
  • Google Cash[Part 3] How to Earn Thousands of $Dollars Writing Google Adwords $250
  • How to attain financial success in life $120
  • Automatic Cash Machine $197
  • How to Get Paid Selling Photos online $197
  •  Affiliate Wealth Guide: The Basic Road Map To DIGITAL Marketing For Beginners $197
  • Profitable Businesses Manual $197
  • How to Make Money on the Internet…The Real Secrets Revealed $197

Meanwhile, you want to ask how much it will cost you to have the right access to my package:
Online Dollar Earnings for Newbies And First Timers Exposed! How to Make Money online for Beginners   A Complete-Step-By-Step Guide for Money Seekers Online

  • Only $30 0R #3500….YES!
  • ACT NOW!…Pay $30 0r #3500[Three Thousand and Five hundred Naira] 
  • To access these cool stuff using any of these payment Method….

How to Order this package:
You can Pay For Your Package through Bank Deposit, Mobile or Internet Transfer Using Bitcoin & Payeer.You can also Pay online Using Your ATM Card
How to Order this package:
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0030969217
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 2472640887
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 2282085680
PAYPAL[ $30]
Send PayPal payments to
Send Bitcoin Payments to 3GKbHXzaz5ADh9s6t1fHL2oeAxXcuaM4Eg
You will be able to access your package instantly if you pay online
After your payment made please send a payment notification message to
Include the following in Your Message:
1. The Bank Name that you paid into
2. The teller number or deposit slip number and TRANSACTION ID for those who make their payment through Bitcoin, PayPal or Payeer. if you use mobile or internet transfer indicate it here:
3. Amount Paid
4. Your Name
5. Your Phone Number
6. Your e-mail Address
7. Deposit or Name/the name of the account you made the payment from
8. Your Location e.g. London, Lagos, Ibadan New York City,
9. Source of information e.g. Google, Facebook, through friends etc.
10. Package Name [Put Online Dollars For Newbies]
11. Date of Payment
Once your payment has been confirm the package will be sent to your email address within 24 hrs. You can read these eBooks on your table mobile phone or computer with ease.
However, if you don’t hear from us after 24 hrs, please Call Any of these numbers immediately…08130300857, 09054801763
*If you are interested in purchasing this package and you also want us to include the amazing Bonuses in your package .Please send me your full name and email address when leaving this website.
* I shall be sending you a very important message regarding this package if you cannot find the message in your inbox, please check your spam/Junk folder.
Subscribe to this package now, study it, use it and make money from it.  It is a sure banker investment that assures a better gain. You have nothing to lose. The internet wealth is for you to share too. Do not sit on the fence.
*Why must you work your buff off for an unappreciative boss, for small returns when your online business can give you the money, you will ever way or need?
If you can sit down to think and take the bold steps needed you can be free from the bondage
*It’s shameful to start bothering your parent for every bit of your needs, when you can also create, your own information product to sell on line and make dollars far yourself. Think & Act!
*Your Financial status remains the same…..You will be fulfilling the destiny slated for you.
*Latter in future, you will feel very bad for not starting this business opportunity earlier than this. So the earlier than this. So the earlier than this. So the earlier you start the BETTER. There is time for everything.
It is true that you have been losing lots of money since all these days because you do not know about this online income opportunity or maybe you don’t know how to go get started. It is not what you know that matters but what you do. Nothing happens until something moves. Also, what you don’t know cost you money remember?
As a matter of fact, as you are reading this, it may even be that I am in the bank cashing my check or someone is probably at the bank trying to lodge money into my bank account for one of my information products. I have over 170 products selling online and the number is still counting. I am doing one of the thing am good at by the grace of God. The Power of information can make your wealthy beyond any imagination.
So you see, informing you about this juicy opportunity would not have any effect on my personal income in whatever and it won’t stop me from making my own money in the internet or offline. REALLY, THE SKY IS WIDE ENOUGH FOR BIRDS TO FLY!
Above all, why involve in INTERNET FRAUD and end up in sorrow at the end of the day. That should not be at all. You can be more prosperous with the 50 +Legitimate Online Business for Newbies.
Why not Take A charge of your Financial Status Today…And Order Your Package….You have Heard Enough!
Look, your interest is making me to go all these far. I can do without you. Whether you decided to purchase this package or not. Whether you make up your mind to join me in the train or not in earning money on the internet does not stop me from making my own money all day, every day.
The entire stuff I have promised here will be sent to you immediately your payment is confirmed together with all the 12 Bonuses valued $2208 if you order within the next 48 hours or less!
 However, the guarantee of getting the bonuses is subject to your place the order with any delay in the next 48hours, if not I cannot promise or assure you of the package with the 12 Bonuses inclusive which meant for only 100 people to place order. I hope you will make the number.

  • The only thing you need thereafter is to put in the needed work without doubt, your first Dollar Earnings is right on the way almost instantly. I can assure you that the stuff works based on my experience and the testimonies from my loyal clients all over the globe. Now is your Turn!
  • This is your ticket to getting $Dollars on the internet… Period!
  • You Are Welcome…
  • *P.S The 12 Bonuses attached[VALUED $2208] with this package is for a limited time. Only 100 people to place order will be so lucky this time around.
  • *Online Dollar Earnings is Real Proven & Tested. This is REAL Business for those who mean business online. And it requires your whole hearted input and seriousness.
  •  ACT ON The instructions inside the package promptly. Whatever I ask you to do, please do it and it shall be well with you. Work out the stuff and make a huge profit from it as from today.
  • *Therefore, if you are ready, then pay $30 or #3500 for this golden offer and message me with your email for delivery immediately.

Dr. Oyedotun Oyejide [FIMC]
Dotson Stockwell Nigeria Limited RC:332452
No.65, Oluwaseun Complex, ifetedo Idi-Oro Area;
Lagos-Ibadan Express Road, Oremeji Agugu, Ibadan,

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The range of services I offer can be tweaked to suit your goals, your business, or your project. And it’s worth saying that I specialize in working outside-the-box, so if you’re looking for new ways to bring your latest project to life then.

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