How To Start Mini-Importation Business With 15K in Nigeria

in♥ my name is Elder Smart Oyedotun Oyejide, by the grace of God, I have been into online business for over 7years. I run my online/offline business with a registered name: Dotson Stockwell Nig Ltd, registered with the Nigerian cooperate affairs commission. As you already know, the loss of jobs in our country are on the high increase daily so  I have taking a step forward, helping interested Nigerians to develop themselves unto online/offline entrepreneur without waiting for government for jobs and assistance. Am BOLD to say that I have helped hundreds of Nigerians both jobless and people that already have jobs to become their own BOSS. I don`t want to take much of your time explaining all the benefits you stand to derive from this innovation, so I will go straight to the point.

          To be can did, I know there are many online generating program, which can fetch you over N500, 000 naira monthly (I’m involved in selected few which I do disclosed to serious individuals at a cost).

But am not going into all that now because it will only end up confusing you and you won`t achieve any result at the end. My aim as always has been:

DOSTON………… helping others achieves success!

Now, I only want to reveal to you exactly what I do, what I know is working. If it can work for me, it can equally work for you too. What I know how to do well and what I can teach anyone in and out of it to the core.

          I want to show you how to start making over #350,000 monthly from doing just two sample things online.

  1. You will start Importing goods from oversea with whatever capital you have even as little as #10,000 only (GUARANTEED) AND …
  2. You will start making extra income online information marketing business. (GUARANTEED)

These two businesses I mentioned above are the basic secrets of my success for now. If you actually desire financial freedom, you can follow my blue-print…  it works!

This fact remain the basic secret of most of the top Nigeria online business guys this system is very easy but unknown to many. You can apply it or operate it easily; all you need to do is to follow the BLUE-PRINT and replicate the information as we have written it down and you are there, smiling to the bank and becoming financially successful on time

Let’s take them one after the other…



Have you ever wonder why any Nigerian business guy that venture into importation business start booming with raw cash after just six months or less on Importation business?

Yes, I will inform you today. it`s simply because in Importation trade, you Import at a price extremely less or equal to nothing and sell it at your own fixed price (both the demand and market is always there that you cannot meet up easily)

That is to say you buy N2000 and sell for N2000. Importation is simply money multiplying business. If you are serious and you mean business and can adhere strictly to the rules of the game, you cannot loss investment in Importation business. Most especially in a country like Nigeria where the demand for foreign and imported goods is extremely high by house is along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, almost every day I see trailers and trucks carrying containers of Imported items plying the road from the port.

     Importation business can earn you wealth without much sweet and extremely simple for you to understand.

Ø Listen, you`ll Import 100% online you don’t need to go anywhere to import the products. In fact, we do our importation right inside the bedroom.

Ø You`ll get top quality products.

Ø You don`t need to break the bank for Importing products. You can start with as little as N10, 000 naira only.

Ø You can import as low as N200 and as high as N7500

Ø You don’t have to pay import duties

Ø You don’t need a shop, so not shop rent is involved

Ø You can advertise your imported products freely online as well for customers to lace orders

Ø You can avert the shipping cost: FREE IMPORTATION

Ø You can enjoy discount if you make bulk purchase or order for several units of an items.

Ø You can make between N250 to N350, 000 monthly or more if you can consistent and business minded.

Ø You can import a product at insanely low price. I have imported top quality products at peanuts and generated more than N180, 000 pure profits for a single product.

A friend, imported and sold the Brazilian hairdo in December and made an outstanding profit of N400, 000 as confessed by him.

A pure profit of such huge amount is possible from a single product! YES, it sounds unbelievable but it’s true…. you`ll does the same!

See the example below!

Ø Complete sets of jewelry selling at the rate of N585 Naira, ($3.66). The same quality of jewelry is selling nothing less than N5, 000 naira in the Nigeria market, can you imagine that?

It does not need too much stress to be financially successful if you have access to the right information and God fearing individuals who can sincerely pound the route to wealth to you without any compromise.

          Be informed, it cost over N45000 to N55000 naira to get a brand new android tablet PC here in Nigeria. You can do the market survey today for confirmation.

          But you can, get it imported at the rate of N7600 Naira ($4779). The cost of a long wavy wig ($699) which is N1100 Naira. The same wig is selling nothing less than N6, 000 naira here in Nigeria market.

          Often times, I do price comparison and market/marketing Research on products and services online and offline before placing my order or importing goods from abroad, but the imagine and differences usually amaze me. This is one of the reasons why I kept advocating that more people should consider IMPORTATION BUSINESS.

Let me do the maths for you

Assuming you started this import business with just N10000 naira. Although you can start with any amount above or less but am just using that as an instance. (At least, my protégée Seun Edungbola start his mini – importation business with just N2500 naira importing items from ALLI few years ago, and the business grew to be what it is today).

          Assuming you start the importation venture with ordinary N10000 Naira. Then you imported just 1 pieces of the android tablet PC above which cost only N7600 naira to import into Nigeria.

          After selling it let say N 40000 naira. Though it’s selling more than that in Nigeria, “you can still confirm this even in your market by asking around”

          After selling this tablet‚ you made a cool profit of N40, 000 naira ­ N7600 Naira‚which is = N32400 Naira pure profit on your first trip.

          If you can repeat this simple process for just 10 times in six months and calculate the amount you will be making on a simple/single items.

NOTE: there are many more products to import, not just one 1 show you above, this is just samples to illustrate this.

          Whatever you want to import, you can get it using this same information we are about to show you. Do you wish to start importing, just wait I will take you there, but for how, lets discuss the next online activities which will help you make over N350, 000 naira monthly from facebook and other websites, visit today:

You can import items from these websites

(Get bb at N85000 here)

For further importation consultancy services, get in touch with Elder Dr. Smart Oyedotun Oyejide CEO/Chairman, Dotson Stockwell


08130300857 +234094656044, 08114122591.

          As a way of starting, there are a couple of popular sites where you can import stuffs from china. One of them is:

Another is

Importation is not as difficult as some people have painted it. All you have to do is some careful research.

The reasons for going into importation (Ask yourself) are you going into it just to get stuffs for yourself or you want to start selling them.

v I have imported and sold many things with 100% profit. If you intend importing stuffs to sell, then you have to do a good research to determined and certain things that can easily be marketed.

v To start, you can import just some little quantity so you can show to people and you can start telling them about it using social media such as facebook, twitter and BBM, as people get interested, you can increase the quality. This is the strategy I personally used and it worked for me. You can also sell stuffs on wholesales. In this case, you will sell it cheaper than you will sell it at retail price. This is good because you will make your money instantly.

There are lots of hot selling products but it still depends on creating the market for it, for example, there are a lot of cheap laptops on the site that you can sell for 20 to 25k and still make profit.

You can go to secondary schools and market it to students and teachers since many of them can not afford the usual expensive laptops like the dell and HP laptops. If you can get a good one, you can easily market it to them.

There are so many products like jewelries. In fact, you can get some jewelry for less fan a dollar that with the shipping fee and everything may be less than 2dollars. You can easily sell for 1k and that’s being generous anyway!

v To determine a genuine seller, you have to make sure that seller has sold a good number of the products because you will need to go through the feed backs sellers drop after the purchase. Also, the rating is important I usually will not go for a supplier whose rating is less than 94%. Browse and research well for suppliers selling the same products at different prices – you should go for the supplier with the lowest price and who also have a good reputation.

Finally, make sure you chat with the supplier before placing your order to confirm if the goods are available and to be sure of the quality and also if he can send them to Nigeria. If he can’t, you can always find another supplier of the products.

v You don’t need paypal neither do you need any special credit card.

You can easily pay with your GT Bank Nigeria master card. If you don’t have one, you can go open an account with them to get one.

          Also, if you follow the due process, you cannot get scammed. Always pay only through all express and don’t ever try to pay the supplier directly.

          Ali express uses the escrow payment system. This system with holds hour money after you have paid and will only release it to the supplier, after you have confirmed that you have received your order and in good condition of not, you can always ask for a refund and if your claims are true, you can return the goods and get a refund.

          The truth is that if a supplier has 97.5% positive feedback, it is good enough to do business with him in my own opinion but you should confirm by going through the feedback to consider the sales this supplier has, it is a signal that his business is safe


Many products selling on Ali express (Jewelries) are silver or gold coated. I usually prefer going for their Jewelry set that include the pendants and earrings which people can use with their necklace they already have.

v You an get some stuffs with free shipping to NIGERIA if you are really looking for that, you can select the free shipping option on the top of the page while doing your search but the problem is that the free shipping option may take 15 to 60 days before you get it here. However, you can get some free shipping through DHL which can be delivered in days but such products aren’t much.

v No free shipping for items with weight greater than 2kg.

v From express – most jewelry stores offer free LHL shipping once the order amount is greater than $150used.

v Project ideas

Manual guide

Beginner Guide

v How to start Importation

v Business little Capital N15K in (Ebook)




BB – hot seller in Nigeria

$90 – $400

Bold, arrive and tough sense, for tablets – don’t buy any tablets without 3G

Other way out into importation ebay & Amazon link for Blackberry phones,

v Clean used unlocked phones (Blackberry – Bold – 9700 – Bla (117))

Ali express laptops – buy the apple macbook clone with 4 Gbrm and 640 GB hdd

Dummy order for bold 9700 (Bold2) And Bold 9650 (Bold 3)

Business introducing letter to agent who don’t ship to winger

Hi Seller,

How are you?

This is _____________ from ILC. Dotson Stockwell Nig Ltd. Our company has been in the computer and related services in Nigeria for 10years.

          I’m looking for 100sets of tablets Pcc – particularly this one at please, kindly provide FOB price per piece. Minimum order quality for free DHL shipping to Nigeria. I would appreciate your early reply in advance sincerely. Dotson.

Study the specification more than the pix as pix could be deceptive. to import from us. Read this – some with be without battery, power hard disk UBA Africard – free charge if use shop on ebay = myns circuilatlantic cuse sea fright

You can order for sample to validate the authenticity before ordering a large scale e.g. 5pcs

Verify the following memory card?

WLAN (Wireless lan)

3G, inbuilt Slm? Processor (Note: if its below 500MH please don’t buy) this is because Andriod 4.0 has a lagging feature in 4.0. This made it slow.

If you fund an item on ebay – then go to circuitatatlantic. Circultatlantic to fill the details of the items in the form field & order.

v Ensure that if supports phone calling before making orders the best specification for tab:

Item type: Tablet Pc

Tablet Data Capacity: 4GB Screen size 7

Net weight: 0.6kg

Professor manufacture: All Winners Touch screen

Type: capacitive screen

Processor main frequency: single core

Memory capacity: 512mb

Feature: webcams, multi touch, G sensor, camera.

Operating System: Android 4.0

Display resolution: 800 x 480

Cell capacity: 3100mAh.

Model Number: A13MID Q88

Processor model: ARM cortex A8

Battery Life: 3-4hours

Weight: 320g

Processor main frequency: 1-0-1.2GHz

Feature: Wifi and if course, it can be shipped free via china/Hongkong post and you receive it in 15 – 60days

Before you start importing Brazilia hairs, familiarize yourself with the product. E.g. Brazilian human hairs know the difference between Remy and Virgin.

different types of weave, the colours and inches  (KYB) know your business

Chrisvicmail Address: china Guangzhou Address room 1021, TiFu Trade market, guang Yuan Xi Road, Yuexiu, district, GuangZhou, china phone Number +8613472845181

office Time: 9a.m – 6pm (Mon – Sat)

China: china Changhai Address: 503 Building 7 lane chang qiao  Qicun, Xuhui District, Shanghai. 008615021388040

Office time: 9am – 6pm (mon – fri) china time

v Most 9.7 Tablet with sim slot can’t make phone calls.

Phone with sim slot

A mifi device for 52.99dolars

Store is: buy digitals

I got an android from chrisvicmall its 8GB HDD and IGB raw with sim slit

For Brazilian human hair – go to storew where they sell weaven and salons. Braizhantlan virgin pery remy, look for glass competitive but profitable niches, memory card 1yk 100 to 200 pics

High quality micro SD=

8gb N970

16gb N1820

32gb N3820

Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich, 5 point capacitive touch screen massive 8GB internal memory + support for 32GB external memory:

  • 1.5GBHz Ail winner cortex A8 processor
  • Support 1080P video, can support max up 2160P video
  • Ultra thin only 9min
  • Sleek Design protective leather case
  • Dual camera
  • In-built 3G with phone call
  • N49,99g give away price
  • Wholesales price available from 5Pi

External Hard Disk with USB to USB port

Plastic identity card


Authorize Reseller in Nigeria

Sales call Bayo on 08135586674


cheap 7 Action 7013

Phone call tablet pc

Build in camera Android 4.0.800MHZ 512/4GB tablet pc


The seller has a lot of Nigerians giving their feedbacks when buy android, by 4 by in droid 4 not 2.2 because you will find it difficult downloading applicative. The brand name is MID model L26.

v Any android of less than $100 is not good $136 Battery last 5hrs on staliby 4H 30mm while survey the net

v Aoson Products for forward delivery site for quality & good products from china is chinavasion  and

Ø Marketing of products one best choice is facebook pages, bbm and possibly an online store


They order & ship to Nigeria from UK and USA.

v There are windows CE7 minilaptop in Ali express use keywords when searching items on Ali express. Visit the site, click on phones & tables

Ø Female stuffs are always hot

Ø Surveillance products

You can get all you need about online Importation business by visiting:

Ø Importing GPS tracker for cars

Ø Flash drives

Ø Make a diligent search on eBay, you will find many.

Ø Sellers who ship worldwide and accept master card. Make sure the seller has large stock.

Ø Sites  to search for cheap quantity products online:

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