How to start online Business with Zero Capital

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How To Make $1000 Online Without Paying Anything (Absolutely Free)

By Ambassador Victor Chidera


I know many people don’t value free things and research has proved that any
information given out free are not taken serious by 98% of people. But you
have to know this now>> “Information given out freely has a long way to
go”, Only those that are smart enough will grab it.

Do you know that you can make money instantly online without paying any
dime? Do you know that most smart entrepreneurs that earns money online
started without any capital apart from data?. On this article we are going
to list out a careful step by step guide on how to make money online
without any investment.

Before i proceed, Let me also tell you this: *The Informations that will be
provided here are totally FREE*. Am not charging anyone and am not selling
any e-book and i promise not to hide anything from you, So relax your mind
and read carefully. I have made enough from this system, so i want others
to know this secrets too and make money, Although an Adage says “Money
can’t be enough” Which means the Rich are still struggling to make more
money. So when i mean that i have made enough from this system, It means
that i want you to join me and earn money too totally for free.

Making money online for free lies on your brain and how fast you can grab
and digest information. But i can assure you that it will work for you if
you use your brain. Now let’s go into Business.

The only business that will earn you $1000 online without paying anything
is *“INFORMATION MARKETING”*. Yes that’s the business that will earn you
such cash for free.

Information marketing is known to be the easiest and fastest means in terms
of making money online. One of the world’s top billionaire “Robert Allen”
is making his cash as an information marketer. He probably called it the
easiest business in the world.


Information marketing is the business of providing useful information to
help the seekers solve their problem by charging price for it. Seriously,
people are searching for information and are extremely ready to pay for
such information. You can do research on the information and write
something about it, then sell the information to people. You can earn as
much as $1000 while selling the information.


1. How to make liquid soap
2. How to pass interview
3. How to last long as a man
4. How to tighten the vagina
5. How to win a lottery visa
6. How to make money online
7. School runs like Jamb expo, Waec expo and other exams expo
8. Businesses to invest and start making money within a week
9. How to toast a girl to love you
10. How to treat pimples within a week
11. How to treat stretch marks within 2 weeks
12. How to have a flawless and clear skin
13. How to satisfy a woman in bed
14. How to use your phone and make money
15. How to make money with Facebook.
16. How to lose fat.

These are the information people are searching for online. If you are smart
enough to provide solution to what is giving them sleepless night, Trust
me, they will be much ready to pay for the information from you
irrespective of the price.


1. You will need your smartphone

2. You will need a site where you will upload your information people
asking people to pay for the information. Although is not necessary But it
is advisable. If you don’t have website, you can use your Facebook Account
by posting about the information on your timeline.

But you can still create a free website from WordPress. *Here is how to
create a free website:*

1. Go to <>

2. Click on Get Started (Signup)

3. Enter Your Email, Username, and password

4. Click on create account

5. Click on Blog

6. Click on Blogging and tap Continue

7. Enter your blog name and tap continue

8. Enter your blog address(the address you want to use) For example:
free things, then it will display different site address. Select the free

9. Tap “start with a free blog”. Your Blog is now ready.

10. Now login to your email and confirm your account with WordPress.

11. Go to Google Play Store And Download “WordPress App”. Once you download
it, Login with your site password and username. You are now full ready to
start posting.

Note: It might take a week before you master everything about WordPress and
how to post on it Accurately.

Now next thing to do is to package the information. And start Advertising
it on Facebook Business Groups.

*Here Are Some Of The Facebook Business Groups You Can Join For



3. Business Opportunity For Nigerians

4. Portharcourt Online Business Arena

These are some of the Facebook Business Groups Where you can Advertise for
Free And Get Interested Prospects.

You can also market other peoples products that have been created by
others. For example when you buy an information about soap making, you have
full right to resell the information to other people. So what are you
waiting for? You can startup your information marketing today and start
making money within 72 hours without spending anything.

There is a stage you will reach on Information Marketing, you won’t have to
stress yourself again, You will now be using a robotic system. What i mean
by robotic system is this: On your site, People can now pay online and once
they pay online, the information is automatically transferred to their
Email. Information business is only for people that are smart enough to take
action. The Genuine Truth is that this is the only business that can you
$1000 online within a short time.

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