Impressive Business & Income ideas for 2023


Impressive Business and Income Ideas for 2023

I trust that you are doing well.

 Compliment of the season. How time flies.

 I was just reflecting on how fast the year 2022 went. I don’t know if it is me or if everyone feels the same way. But the fact is that most people wouldn’t achieve a great percentage of their plans and targets for the year 2022.

The sincere truth no one can shy away from is that we all require money to achieve at least 80% or more of our plans and targets in a year. If that is the case, it means we must get smart money-making ideas that can generate enough money to fund our financial budget per year.

So, 2023 is here on us already. Just like in 2022, if you don’t start the year with smart ideas that can give you the financial empowerment you need, you may end up not achieving the best of your plans for the new year.

I have a list of ideas which I believe have the potential of giving anyone a good return and result if they are smartly and well-engaged. In fact, any of the ideas can make you a millionaire in a couple of months.

I will give you a list of the ideas now. Though most of them are not new the difference is in the strategic application of the ideas. You must do it differently to get a better result. That is what I am committed to showing you in this series of discussion.

Digital Marketing – With Focus on Email/Social Media Marketing
Cryptocurrency Trading
Affiliate Marketing
Agriculture – With Focus on Cash Crop
Real Estate

First on my list is Digital Marketing With Focus on Email/Social Media Marketing.

 Digital Marketing, on its own, may not be a business or income opportunity except if you sell digital marketing courses or tools to implement the marketing strategy. But it is a powerful vehicle for anybody in business to arrive at millions of naira or dollars’ destination.

 Whether you are selling a digital or physical product/service, digital marketing knowledge and skill should never be ignored if you want to climb the ladder of financial success with ease in 2023. You might have heard someone says he or she makes more than one thousand sales in a month.

Someone said we sold out thousands of acres of land and we currently have over one thousand subscribers for our real estate project. You may wonder how such a feat could be achieved.


This generation is a great one because with digital marketing you can reach a lot of people right from your bedroom without having physical contact with anyone of them and they are all your loyal customers.


So, if there is any knowledge or idea you should closely embrace, it is digital marketing.

Now that I have started with the first idea, I will elaborate on it and how you can use it to your advantage this year.


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The second on my list isCryptocurrency Trading Opportunities.

 Do you know that there are different ways you can make money with cryptocurrency by trading? Trading is as simple as buying and selling. You want to buy when the price is low and sell when the price goes up. Simply put, buy low, sell high.

 You even make money running a small crypto exchange system or trading as a P2P merchant.

 Meanwhile, I have a Crypto Trading Class that is currently discounted and you can be part of the online class for a whole year to learn about the smart way of trading crypto without waiting for years before you have a return on your investment.

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