It cannot be that way

What do you imagine it to be? A child warned seriously against the
smoking of Indian hemp or hard drugs but refused. No way, sooner or
later, he will be on admission at the mental hospital. It cannot but be
that way if all cautions are throwing against the winds of life.
If you do not wish to be a victim or patient of such a place, you just
need to be mindful of how you live your live all the time.
Do you stress yourself emotionally? Look, you have to take life and
things ease. Take it easy my brother. Nothing to trouble your mind
about, Heavens cannot fall. There is not falling from heaven that the
earth cannot sustain outside the greatness of God alone!
However, you need to put your sole trust in God. Avoid all the time the
eating or taken of anything harmful to the body. Strive hard not to be
addicted to drugs or anything related. Too much of everything is bad.
There is wisdom in mode racy. A little salt tastes better! But the excess
intake of salt is very harmful. Do not prove your honor by taking too
much of salt. You might kill yourself in the process. I have discovered
that mode racy is a nice life style to adapt.
If the youths are really our future as a country, such set of youths
should be engaged in things that guarantee brighter future ahead of
them. It cannot but be that way if the leaders of tomorrow are now
engaged in the drinking of alcohol of all sorts on daily basis! What kind
of future awaits them? Will they not be victims of diabetics when that
future arrives?

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