It cannot but be that way!

It cannot but be that way!

What do you imagine it to be? A child warned seriously against the smoking of Indian hemp or hard drugs but refused. No way, sooner or later, he will be on admission at the mental hospital. It cannot but be that way if all cautions are throwing against the winds of life.

If you do not wish to be a victim or patient of such a place, you just need to be mindful of how you live your live all the time.

Do you stress yourself emotionally? Look, you have to take life and things ease. Take it easy my brother. Nothing to trouble your mind about, Heavens cannot fall. There is not falling from heaven that the earth cannot sustain outside the greatness of God alone!

However, you need to put your sole trust in God. Avoid all the time the eating or taken of anything harmful to the body. Strive hard not to be addicted to drugs or anything related. Too much of everything is bad. There is wisdom in mode racy. A little salt tastes better! But the excess intake of salt is very harmful. Do not prove your honor by taking too much of salt. You might kill yourself in the process. I have discovered that mode racy is a nice life style to adapt.

If the youths are really our future as a country, such set of youths should be engaged in things that guarantee brighter future ahead of them. It cannot but be that way if the leaders of tomorrow are now engaged in the drinking of alcohol of all sorts on daily basis! What kind of future awaits them? Will they not be victims of diabetics when that future arrives?

How sound will they be physically or spiritually to face the future they are being prepared for, if today the youths are busy and fully engaged in odd activities that does not assure a better tomorrow for the participants in life?

What future has a speculator have? Tell me, what is the future for a gambler? How many gamblers end-well in life? If you are living as a gambler, do you think you have a future that is bright enough? The end of a matter is important. Something may look nice initially and finished badly at the end. Therefore, have a close watch on how you live so as not to get trapped by the devil along the way.

Engage in things that are meaningful. Engage in things that assures the future. You should engage in things that that does not lead to regrets. Run from all sort of actions or deeds that can bring sorrow or unhappiness to your future life. You should not allow your lust to push you into living a life style that will create pains, suffering and loneliness.  Yield this warning fast; do not block your ears at all! This may be unpleasant to listen to, but the truth will prove to be the best option one day to come.

The prison yard will not be your home in Jesus name. You will not be an inmate of the prison at Kirikiri, Agodi or elsewhere in the world. Look, when you are not a criminal, and you spur all forms of crimes. And you are very careful how you live your live. How will you end in prison?

Those who fear God and are law-abiding do not go to prison in any decent society. My friend, fear God! That is the beginning of wisdom! If you can live well, you will be better for it.

If cannot but be that way or how do you think it will be? They warned you against Cyber-Crime, but you insisted in doing what is illegal on the internet. There 101ways to make legit-cash on the internet without making others sad in the process.

You are aware or conscious of the rightful ways to financial freedom and the right things that fetches money legally today; instead you took to 419 and all manners of crime.

Well done! If you are getting your way now, soonest what you deserved will definitely cross your way but it may be too late! Therefore, shun all forms of crime and take the pain to follow the right ways to make money online. The pain of struggles to make it in life is more preferable to the pains of being arrested for committing crime of any kind. Please, repent of bad attitudes and make God your guide for good.

If your friends are womanizing, it could not but get them into the troubles attached to fornication one day. If your friends are smokers, it could not but get into the troubles of cancer one day to come. Show me your friend and I will be bold to inform what will become of you soonest. My guess will be right as well.

Every addicted drinker of alcohol may not escape the disease of diabetics or related sickness. Yes, it cannot but be that way. Whatever you sow you shall reap in life. The law of sowing and reaping is effective and applicable today. Nobody does it wrongly and escape. Crime does not last; it is only for a while to reap the results. Look, an armed robber that does not end in jail must have stopped the criminal acts in a way.

How will you escape jail or the harm of law if you keep committing crimes or atrocity? No!  No! No! ‘’All days may be for the thief, one day will be for the owner of the stolen goods’’ says a Yoruba adage. You will soon be exposed and justice will start playing on you. It cannot but be that way, therefore stay away from anything that may make you to regret you actions. Say ’’ No’’ to evil acts! No matter how tempting it may be. God fearing life is the best option if you do not want your destiny to be stolen by the devil and be left with sorrow and regrets thereafter.

What do you expect from a child that refused to attend school? What do you thing will become the life of a child that failed to go to church or mosque to worship the creator? Imagine what we expect from a leader that does not have the interest of his followers at heart or the fear of God.

What do you expect from a wife who is fighting equity with her husband under the same roof? What do you expect from the driver who took to drinking alcohol before embarking on a journey? What do you expect more than a terrible accident! Yes, it cannot but be that way.

When you break the house of wraps, you must expect the bees to bite! It cannot but be that way really. My brother, if you do not wish to experience something bad later. Stop now from doing something bad. Whatever you do now will come back as a reward later.

If you can live your life for God in the society that is bad and corrupt, you will have the gains. You stand to be rewarded by the same God that you fear. God will pay you back here on earth and beyond latter. Your living a righteous life will have a complementary gain.

Look, it will not pay if you do not live your life for God. You’ll suffer for it. You need to be told this, take it or live it! If you are not mindful of God it will not yield you any bountifully dividend. Be told too, if you should follow your parents to church or mosque without the readiness to follow the rules of God. You will suffer for it. Stop joking with your life or anything. If you keep doing things how you like without discipline or how you wish or like; you will soon delete your name from the list of God’s own. It cannot but be that way too.

Those who relax in following the standard as expected of a decent society may not be around to witness the result of such acts. Standard is Standard, anything below it will lead to issues sooner or later. However, for you to make progress in anything, you have to go against a lot of oppositions

When you built a building according to pattern, it will not be an edifice but a show-case for others to appreciate and look-unto. Likewise, if you build your life in accordance to how it should be, you will be rewarded for it. We experience in most cases what we deserve.

It cannot be but that way. The end of one era is the beginning or starting point for another experience in life. Our world is made to be that way. As we forge ahead, we keep on witnessing another phase of life in battle or pleasant. Life is like a building that can be renovated and rebuilt from scratch on several occasions. Just keep moving on. What will be will be. It          can’t but be that way of course!

Look, it is with you. It is in your hand as well. If it is going to be, you have a significant role to play in making it so. Nothing happens until something moves!

‘’Champions keep playing until they get it right’’-Says Billie Team King.

With time, results will be what we expected. But it could not be that way in a hurry. Nothing good or lasting comes out of haste. Can you imagine, it took God time to create the universe? If not, it wouldn’t have been this way either. Therefore, take time to build your fortune if you want it to last longer. The greatest killer of good vision or dream is haste. No rushing! No shaking! What will be, will be!

To everything under heaven, there is a season. If it is not, it would not be that way. There is a season and a reason for it to be that way too. God works with times and seasons. Our God is stabled and unmoved even when the lions are roaring furiously. God will never panic or rush to do a miracle because of your worry, anxiety or tears!

God is ever in control of all situations. Nothing under heaven will sake God. He knows that despite your current several battles, your life and ministry will end in fame and never in shame. If it will not be that way, your experience would not have been this all the while. The haste of a fool is the slowest thing in the world. Stop allowing unnecessary worries and haste to slow down your dreams any longer.

Bill Gates, the former Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Corporation in USA [One of the richest men in the world today with personal fortune of over 87.4 billion dollars] said that it took him 26 years when he had a vision to place a computer on every desk in most homes on earth. He confessed that the road had been rough and many times he had felt like switching jobs. However, within a quarter of a century, most homes in the developed countries can boast of a computer.

Bill Gates is a dreamer with a difference who believes his vision is on course. He believes in the POWER OF TIME!

Really, it cannot but be that way. Life is lived in seasons. It is a matter of time for good things to be. Your good time for breakthrough will manifest.

A wonderful poet I read about wrote these statements years ago:

‘’If you think you are beaten, you are. If you think you dare not, you don’t.

If you like to win and succeed, but think you can’t, it almost certain, you won’t.

If you think you are out-classed; yes, you are! You‘ve got to think high to rise: you’ve got to be sure of yourself, before you can win a prize!

Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man but sooner or later, the man who wins is the man who thinks he can!’’

Whatever you will become in life or have become is a product of your regular thought system. We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. Really, we make our world. In fact, this is what our thoughts have made us to be! ‘’For as he thinketh in his heart, so he is’’ [Proverbs 23:7a]

It cannot but be that way. Your thoughts are the major determinants of your destiny!

Many have destroyed destiny as a result of negative thoughts and feelings. You need to be positive, no matter what? Do not forget that some are determined to succeed, while some are determined to succeed.

Meanwhile, if you must be what you desire, you must be ready to take some risks. You have to do something to be something in life. No venture, no gain! You will not fail!

Today is for you. Take the risk therein and wear the crown of victory soonest. Do not run away from taking risks, it takes a coward too indulge in that.

’Risk taking creates opportunities for growth, development and competitive advantage. Any venture, social, political or economical that no risks are not worth doing. What is needed is a better understanding of the risks and design strategies to cope with the likely problems’’-Dr. Mrs. Cecilia Ibru

You have a risk to take for something good and marvelous to come your way. Always note it that risk is part of corporate life, we cannot do without it.

If you want it to be the way it should be, launch yourself into a new ream of risk taking from today. This is your progress or advancement!

A miracle will happen for you to witness. You will be a miracle to your world. Therefore, make your focus your focus. You have what it takes to be a success of any kind. Also, if you make your focus a focus, you will soon become the focus of men in the world.

As from now, do something that will make you great in your generation. Avoid distractions. Do not miss your timing! Really, it cannot but be that way!


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