Risk Fight:The Risks in Fighting Against The Truth

There is a great risk in fighting the truth anywhere in the world ,offline or online. Therefore, check your self with this article to determine if you are not engaging in the wrong fight against the truth. We must not act in contrary to what is right in life,the best wealth insight is in support of the truth.

If you must fight in life engage yourself in a profitable fight. AVOID THE RISK FIGHTING THAT IS COMMON TODAY The
best first according to the Holy Bible is the good fight of faith.
Therefore, if you wish to fight,only go out and fight the good fight
of faith.Fight the battle of life that leads to survive. Do not take the risk in fighting the truth i beg you.

Since this world is regarded as battle field,outside the fight for survive,

no other fight to me is approved and profitable in the real sense of it .

if you evaluate critically the spiritual implication attached. If you must
fight,fight a good and profitable fight,I repeat.

The most dangerous fight that is highly risky is any kind of fight against the truth.

Those who battle in contrary to the truth or against the interest of the
most High God,the creator,the Jehovah,the Allah. A wise soldier going
to the battle front must identify clearly who the enemy his, and the
location. The interest of God is the best interest to go for, when we
love and act in support of Gods interest,then wisdom is for us.

Those who are at the side of God in any fight remains the wining side no matter how
long the battle may take in this world. If you desire to win the battle of life, be wise, stay at the side of God. God is a winner all the time. You can not overcome anything without the grace and mercy of God. Any project that the devil is in contact will fail at the end of the day and the followers of such goals will be made to suffer deeply for it.

The man acting or fighting against his creator is the biggest fool. My friend, what strategy or weapon will you manufacture to win the supreme God, the rightful owner of the universe,

The only one who created many but not created. God
Almighty,that is greater than the greatest. The God that has never
lost any battle anywhere, any day.

If you do not know that god, please stop fighting against his interest

if your soul is dear to you.

Kicking against the thorn is dangerous and painful, do not you know.?

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The winning side is the winners side anywhere under heaven,have they
told you that.. Yes,battles that is godly approved is usually in favor
of the heavenly beings.

Today, we human beings are used to fighting a
wrong fight that usually lead to regrets simple because we often
failed to know the truth which can make us free. Those understand the
truth are usually free from the bondage and chains of this world.

Ye shall known the truth and the truth in return shall make you free
indeed! Only those who search for the truth can get and enjoyed the
freedom attached to it. Freedom resides in the bosom of truth. If you
suffer anything in life, it is an evidence or proof that you lack the
truth attached to such an experience.

The root cause of most sufferings were due to wrong decision that

often leads to regrets when we took to the wrong in a way instead of

staying and insisting on the truth. Until I got the truth about the internet

that led me to create webswealthinsights.com was just wasting my efforts online. Thank God,

We have known and preached the truth at the site for those who are
wise.like the truth is been proclaimed, do not allow the devil the No.1
enemy of God to force you to be his agent by fight a dangerous fight.
Do not allow Satan to engage you for whatever reason or motivation to
start shielding the blood of saints of the innocents. Such will lead
you to regrets,pains and destruction at the end of the day.

If we know what we are doing… if we all understand that we originated
from the same source Adam and Eve…and we are equally serving the
same one God that created the heaven and earth..and logically we are
brothers and sisters to each other and we should see ourselves like that.
If you are my brother, what do I stand to gain in terminating your
live for the sake of religion or what have you.

With love and good sense of reasoning,i dare not raise sword again my flesh.

Only a fool will be waging war against his house hold. What exactly is the lasting
profit derivable from killing a fellow human being. It is barbaric and senseless assignment. Those who are arranging the killings of innocent
people will one day fall in the wrath of God that will be too severe
to bear. Therefore, get your sense in the normal sound condition,

Stop working for the devil by killing saints for the sake of religion or wrong
concept. It is insane for one fellow to kill another person. Such is
wrong, its like killing your own self.

Whatever wrong you do to the next fellow, you have done that to a
fellow distant relative. Let love reign and rain.

there will be a sharp reduction in the rate of crimes in the society. the rate of havoc DONE to innocent citizens is now awesome and unbearable.

The terrible killings,rituals and other forms of destruction done almost on daily basis all the world over in the name of religion is highly questionable and odd. Using human being for rituals is ultimately wrong and uncalled for.


On the Way to Calvary,He Went For Me,JESUS Went for me/2ce

And NOW He Sets me FREE.. YES,THE TRUTH CAN NEVER BE WRONG. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT. All rituals is a waste of resources and a total waste. It will get you not
too far in the race of destiny simple because most sacrifices these day are offerings unto the devil and the demons of the spiritual world. The devil remains the No.1 enemy of God till tomorrow.

And man, who is the enemy of God is the enemy of man as well. The truth needs to be told. There is a great danger in fighting against the truth
anywhere under heaven. The bible says: ye shall know the truth,and the
truth shall make you free. This message is the truth,stop the fight against the work of god. If you desire a peaceful destiny for yourself and your unborn generations. I beg you in the name of god,stop answering the glamour call of the devil in doing harm to fellow human being. It is a deceit of the devil and a trap/satanic art. The end result is bad. I have discovered that no promise from the devil that
is authentic,real and lasting.


If God make a promise,no doubt,be assured you will get
it because is ever faithful and a covenant keeper.,but for the
devil,the song usually changes at the tail end. The devil may run away, but the good God is usually around to get us his children the best. All of God promises are good and the best alternative.

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