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How to promote your Book to Reach Millions Exposed

If you’ve ever published a book, you’ll know that authors are expected to take on the lion’s share of the marketing. As a result, many independent authors are forced to spend much time selling their self-published books rather than writing new ones.

Of course, for some authors, marketing is enjoyable! It’s a chance to promote their work and interact with readers firsthand. But for others, it can be a real burden — after all, book marketing requires specialist skills that many authors haven’t had the chance to develop.

That’s where book marketing services come in. To get more readers, add your book to and

Are book promotion sites worth it?

Our short answer… YES! We have found that promoting your book with one of these services can be highly effective and launch your title to success.

Are you a self-published author looking for the best book promotion ideas or book marketing strategies to reach more readers around the world?

Writing a book takes lots of hard work, sleepless nights, creativity, patience, and…pain. But what if all these things don’t pay off when the book finally hits the market?

You might be a better storyteller and writer than J.K. Rowling and Nicholas Sparks, but it doesn’t guarantee that your book will become a bestseller. This is a harsh truth, especially if you are a debut author and choosing the self-publishing path.

That’s where the role of book marketing services, plans, strategies, and ideas comes in. You must have a solid plan to market your book that can help you reach as many readers as possible.

See, you have to understand that most of the publishers are very budget-conscious when it comes to publishing a new writer. You wouldn’t be having morning show interviews, big advertisement hoardings, massive book launch events at crossroads, or full-page ads in literary magazines, to announce the release of your book.

Author Branding is Important

Writing multiple titles can be helpful. Once the author becomes trusted and well-known in the market, buyers are more likely to purchase more of their books. Therefore, building an author brand is important. Author branding can benefit a lot in the long run, as when the audience becomes familiar with the author’s name and they like the previous work, they will purchase the next time by the author’s name. So, these small things can help in maximizing chances and opportunities for the future. Every opportunity for author branding should be availed of and taken advantage of.

When a person buys a book for children, the choice is often made based on the credibility and trustworthiness of the author. Likewise, teachers and librarians know of authors that they find resourceful, and they recommend their reading material to children and young adults. Hence, when you create a book for children and young adults, author branding plays a significant role. If you are planning on taking it as a full-time career, we can help you built a strong image with our author branding services.


The time period of two months before the actual release of a book is the pre-order session. A pre-order incentive is a marketing strategy in which the publisher allows the consumer (its readers) to reserve a copy at the store prior to its release.

“Typically during this time,” says Patric, “trailers push online buying, urging the reader to pre-order the book.”

Patric, who has released a trailer ahead of the release of all his books, concurs. “My books are all based in the epic space. So putting an introduction for the book in a visual format works for me: it gives readers a sense of the book. But, there is no standard marketing plan for anything,” he says. So a combination of two tactics (pre-orders and trailers) work well for authors.

How do I get my book ready for promotion?

As you’ll see below, there are many reputable book promotion sites that each have their own requirements authors. Some sites will require a limited number of Amazon reviews, while others may be more inclusive and will only need basic information like a live Amazon link for consideration. Our rule of thumb is to carefully read each site’s requirements prior to making your booking. Have questions about a particular site? Their customer service team should be able to give you specifics on how to get promoted by them.




Email Marketing for Book Promotions
As we all live in the age of technology any work needs a systematic promotion campaign to reach its target audience. Like books is a hot selling property on the digital medium. So selling a book online is not a piece of cake anymore as the competition is fierce. One such common method is Email marketing for book promotion. For promoting books there are other ways too like on social platforms which includes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, websites, etc. But one of the safest and most tested methods of marketing involves the use of Email. The foremost tool for marketing is email. A recent survey has shown that email marketing is 40% more effective than social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

  • Email marketing for book promotion is a cost-effective method and in fact one of the cheapest ways out.

For email blast to thousands of readers add your book to and

  • Email is the most direct way to connect to your audience as it lands directly into the inbox of the customer. Whereas on other social media platforms the preferences are used by the person using it. Like if a person is interested in dancing and cooking then his social media account will have pop-ups related to that field. So far an author to connect to such an audience is difficult. But with an email the author can directly send his work demo or trial reading or free pages via emails.

As we all know that the audience always accepts the bigger and better version of the previous work of their favorite authors. So it’s become equally important for the authors also to stay in touch and keep updated about the medium. This can be done by regularly adding new email contacts and increasing the network.

There are some essential points which an author should focus on to engross and enlarge its marketing network for his work.

  • The foremost is the content of the email — as we say content is the king, so a well written email with crisp and precise information can turn an audience into a customer.
  • An author needs no special learning or skills like digital graphics, art etc to promote the book. In fact he has to write an email which is what an author is supposed to do.
  • A Privacy policy and an unsubscribe option should be always available for the customer. This helps in building trust about the website, author and policies.
  • Offer attractive add ons for prescribing to your work. This can be done through various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. with quizzes, games, etc.
  • Try to develop a niche for your work style by updating the feedback and comments from the previous customers and this also helps in advertising the image of the author too.
  • To add new customers who use email, one has to test, serve and re-evaluate the process from time to time to add new innovative ideas.
  • Advertise with the help of publishing houses — the publishing houses are mine of email contacts. As they keep circulating content with events and promotions to increase the footfall on their websites. These publishing houses also use social media sensations and viral stars to market their offerings.
  • Certain things an author needs to be aware of while doing email marketing for book promotion like the bounce rate of emails, which means how many emails did not reach the inbox. Then conversion rate of the email, which means people showing interest in using the service provided via the email. Similarly, click-through rate, landing page, etc are small nuances that one has to learn for effective email marketing for book promotion.

Email marketing for book promotion is a very easy yet effective method. Every person who uses the phone and internet eventually uses email. That is why the usage of emails for promotional activity is essential along with advertising your work on digital and social media platforms. The reach is phenomenal for email marketing. In today’s time, the digital medium itself has become so vast that without proper guidance and plan anyone can fall flat on their face.

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