The 7 Money Skills

The 7 Money Skills
To be financially empowered you must study and
understand vividly the seven money skills that are guaranteed
to make you prosperous.

i. Earn money skill:- work to earn a living (linear income)
work for a while to raise capital don’t work for life.
Nobody is totally free from working for others. Develop
your earning skills and be relevant economically learn how
to solve peoples problem.

ii. Money control skill: Money not controlled is money gone.
Most people spend before thinking. Those with higher
incomes and lower out goings are most likely to build
financial wealth. To be financially empowered, constantly
economize. Control every Naira that comes your way. The
only way to have an overflowing prosperity is to plug up
those holes and leaks. How many times a day do you

spend money? (The millionaires’ minutes- compare prices,
record expenses, Balance your accounts).

iii. Save it skill: – Wealthy people love to save money
through prudent purchases. They buy things at
wholesales- they never retail for anything. Anybody can
save money by buying at a discount whatever is save is put
into a savings jar. There is no future in “Expenditure”;
therefore earn more, spend less. That is how to be
financially rich.

iv. Invest it skill: (The passive way to wealth) working with
your money. Until you can master the skill of working with
money and making people work for you, your stage of
wealth is not matured. Be like Warren Buffet (the richest
investor in the world). He started in the mid 50s with just
few thousand dollars and some money from a small group
partners. Over the next 40 years, he turned his initial few
dollars into tens of billions of dollar (His yearly compound
rate of return on his money is about 200 %.)

v. Making money: (The entrepreneurial side of money)
Business involvement. Business is about profit. Be the best

in your field. Avoid overheads like the HIV Virus. Rich
people don’t buy fancy office equipment to impress. Look,
Warren Buffet manages his entire empire from a corner
desk in small office. He has no computer. As he said: “I am
a computer’

vi. Protect money skill: (Do all things to build wealth that will
last you)

vii. Give money skill: (Ecclesiastes 11: 1-3, Luke 6:38).
Develop the act of giving. Be generous (Prov.19:17,

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