The Basics of Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

The Basics of Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

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This is a guide on affiliate marketing business for beginners and starters online who desire to make money online or grow affiliate wealth by selling other peoples products and services for commission.

Inside this comprehensive write up,The Basics of Affiliate Marketing for Beginners, you will be exposed to all the rudiments of affiliate marketing.

The Basics of Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Affiliate marketing is a term used on the Internet to describe a type of sales
format that has been adopted by many Internet giants as a means of making more
sales through those who sign up as affiliates with them to publish their products
to a wide audience who might be interested in purchasing the products they have
on display virtually.
Affiliate marketing is in different forms and comes in different formats, but the
overall goal is to display a product and get paid a token in return, a return for
sending a potential buyer to the website of the product(s) owner.
Affiliate marketing is a way of signing up to a website that sells products or
services online, this is a method that most bloggers are adopting today to make
serious money on their website and cashing out big time, let me take it from the
blogging angle! You can earn loads of cash by running affiliate programs on your
blog site.. The process is quite simple and you can begin to make money as soon
as you implement the right steps which I am going to teach you in this guide.

The Basics of Affiliate Marketing for Beginners
 An Affiliate: A self funded marketer that drives traffic to a
merchant’s site and receives compensation if and when it
converts. An Affiliates role is to drive quality traffic to the Merchants site
that converts. An Affiliate can be an expert in and utilize one or many of the





various online marketing types including SEO, PPC and Social Media. They
are only paid on conversions (sales or leads), and their compensation is
dependent on their performance.

 The Merchant: An affiliate merchant is a business that
increases sales, traffic and brand awareness through online
advertising via a network of affiliate websites. Affiliate
merchants create ads such as text links, static banner ads, flash banner ads
and now even video ads for placement on affiliate websites. Merchants will
normally pay affiliates a commission for every visit to the website or every
sales conversion meaning they only pay for results. Affiliate merchants may
run their own in house affiliate program using in house affiliate software or
they may use an affiliate network to find affiliates. Using in house affiliate
tracking software can be very cost effective for affiliate merchants, saving
on often expensive membership fees and commissions payable to affiliate

 Affiliate Networks: Third parties that provide a link between a
publisher and a company to allow publishers the ability to find and
join affiliate programs. Businesses that comprise an affiliate network
can cover a variety of different marketing mediums, such as the
internet or direct mail, or can operate in related industries. A company
looking to acquire new customers will pay members of its affiliate
network for the sales leads that they provide.

 Affiliate Link: this is a special link generated by the affiliate
or cpa company you registered with, it helps them keep

track of where or by whom a particular sale was made so
that they can pay the commission to the appropriate person.

I want to assume you understand what affiliate marketing is by now, so lets move
to the next stage
How to combine affiliate marketing with blogging and make money: You can
make greater progress and even make recurring income when you attach blogging
with affiliate marketing; this is even almost unavoidable due to the fact that most
affiliate firms do not accept people without blogs/websites and good amount of
traffic to compliment it. Some affiliate firms even go as far as asking you how
many years or level of experience you do have, although this is often common
with cpa networks but since the two are somewhat hard to differentiate and
mostly work hand-in-hand they usually have similar policies, either verification
policies or other vital/sensitive things that requires strict handling due to how
fraudulent people sometimes try to mess with their system. They put some
serious security measures in place and quality tracking system to ensure they
track real time stats and sales while providing you the “affiliate” accurate data for
tracking purpose.
Combining affiliate marketing with blogging helps you maximize your earning
chances and makes you have a more professional look, blogging allows you to
thoroughly review or recommend certain products to your loyal readers and
There are certain rules when going into affiliate marketing, when planning to
recommend a product in return for possible sales and cash. You need to be very
accurate with certain data and features of the products you are advertising or
recommending to your subscribers or through social media means.

The Basics of Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

1.) RECOMMEND AUTHENTIC PRODUCTS: It’s quite easy to run across just any
product on the Internet and all promising heaven and paradise on earth,
but not all product(s) do actually live up to expectation and one has to be
very careful at choosing the right products without recommending a bad

product that might end up ruining your image/reputation you’ve built all
this years. Always try your possible best to take some time to properly
assess the product, especially if it’s those e-type products that has to do
with downloading or subscribing to a premium service etc…

most of us have initially made when we first came into the affiliate
marketing system is that we were more concerned about the money we
were going to earn from the commission and whether we were giving value
or busy misleading thousands of people, we didn’t seems to really care or
realize at that point. But as time progresses and we began to see how the
market was beginning to respond to our pitching and product
recommendations, how sales began to drop drastically, we realized that
there was also a serious need for a quick shift, a shift in the user-base point
of view and interest, no longer just trying to push the next over hyped
product online! But a shift that begins to see things from a birds eye view
angle, right from our prospect’s minds and eyes. Initially we were more
concerned about how many millions we could make in a day by driving a lot
of web traffic to a particular affiliate link and cash-out on our ‘ROI’ but life
and change thought us better, look at it from a customer’s point of view for
just a second, would you have actually bought a product of any sort that
comes up on your feed and is promising heaven and earth without having
any proper review to really back it up or real-time user that has experienced
it. Am not talking about testimonials here! Am talking about real feel,
because a lot of testimonials can be faked and the product owner can easily
pay some bunch or fiverr guys or even ask some of his/her family members
& friends to help give a catchy review in order to make the product look
authentic. But when we talk about real feel of human, I literally mean do
you have a personal experience with the product; is it something you have
used? And can therefore freehand talk about all the benefits of the product,
yes! {“Benefits”}. Benefits are totally different from product features and
this is one angle a lot of new affiliate marketers have missed the point

entirely. Customers are not buying the features but rather they are buying
the benefits, so basically at this new age of affiliate marketing, if you keep
screaming the features rather than explaining the personal experience and
benefits of what you are recommending, then be fully prepared to fail in
affiliate marketing.

3.) FOCUS MORE ON THE VALUE NOT THE CASH: yes just like the preceding
topic, focus more on giving value and worry less about the huge cash that
you want to earn. No doubt we all have financial problems we need to solve
and affiliate marketing can serve as the 100% income stream if we are very
dedicated, but remember that these readers and people you are intending
to make money off, you are trying to get them to bring out their credit card
to purchase a product in order to fill your pocket, they are human too and
they have feelings and they also work hard to make money as well, some of
them are Internet reliant too, some people spend lots of hours of their life
brainstorming and writing for others in order to get paid, just like I do. So if
you just do things with the mindset of “the money must be made” it don’t
matter how, you are going to lose the interest and belief of those who are
looking up to you as a role model or who consider you as an expert. Yes I
know that we all need money but you can still give lots of value in return for
the money and yet make even more than what you would have made if you
had continued in recommending bad products. Build a brand that would
last and even outlive you, something people can keep talking about even
when you are gone, a perfect example is Steve Jobs.

another critical angle in affiliate marketing if you really want to succeed.
Promote relevant contents and products that correspond with your blog’s
niche, as usual because we hear something is giving the greatest

commission doesn’t give us the permission to go ahead and promote it if it
doesn’t go with what our blog is about. For example: how would it feel to
advertise and try to sell wheelchair to a bunch of professional runners who
are seeking for tips on how to improve their career? Impossible right? That
might take a life time to make a single sale I bet you that. So the point is;
look for products that resonates perfectly with your blog niche, if you blog
fashion, then it’s obvious that the affiliate products that should be on your
review/recommendation page should tally with what your blog is about.
When you blog about relationships and sex, then ultimately you’d realize
that dating affiliate programs would go well.

5.) DON’T ALWAYS PITCH AND MAKE IT OBVIOUS: finally! Don’t over pitch and
start making it obvious to your site visitors that you are only here to sell to
them rather than give them valuable contents for consumption, when you
blog about a product or even when writing a circular post, don’t always
pitch in your posts. People can easily sense it if you are just about the buy
it, buy it and buy it now drama, don’t make this so obvious hence chasing
your prospects away because your pitching is just so annoying. The truth is
that you can’t force anyone to bring out their credit card and make a
purchase when they don’t see a vital reason to do so. If a client or site
visitor is really interested in buying a product that you are an affiliate of,
they would do so because they know it’s something that would add
meaning to their life as at that time or later, so don’t try to always blow the
whistle and jam your site with lots of jingles and bells announcing what you
are selling, it’s usually a bad marketing strategy.


It’s a no-brainer really, if you are determined and passionate about the niche you
are, you can always get a good affiliate firm that sells things related to your blog
and partner with.
Here are a few guidelines to help point you in the right direction, first! We’d agree
on the niche we want to choose, and then we’d move to the next stage which is
creating the website, which includes; (paying for the domain name, and probably
hosting fee, if you are going the self hosted route). And next is to start getting
contents to publish on the website for your visitors to consume, and next is to
start getting web-traffic (I will discussed more on these things at the later part of
this ebook). Now that you have all those things in place, you can now choose the
affiliate network you wish to join and the kind of products you want to promote
on the site.
The idea is to write topics that would somewhat correspond with the affiliate
product you want to promote, and that is the essence of niche-ing in the first
Let me quickly show an example of what I mean:- ( let’s assume that you run a
blog that is focused on publishing articles on gadgets, it is certain that you’d
probably be reviewing some gadgets/devices on your website from time to time.
For example you would probably be reviewing (say) mobile phones, laptops, latest
wearables and many more. So how then can you promote affiliate offers with such
contents? You can simply join a site like ( and sign-up for their
affiliate program, so whenever you want to review a product, you can grab the
affiliate link from amazon and embed it on or within the content of your blog
post(s). There are many other affiliate networks you can join and make money,
note! That most times when we use the word “affiliate” or affiliate marketing, we
are sometimes referring to both cpa and affiliate marketing, because they both
have similar marketing method, although affiliate marketing pays lesser
commissions per-sale while cpa offers pay bigger commissions.
Let’s talk more about CPA: So cpa offers are more profitable because they have
higher commission rates but the marketing strategy could differ a little bit or
entirely from that of ordinary affiliate marketing, and the cost and set-up could be

a bit tricky for a newbie, but in the end it pays the dividend, but the good news is
that, just as you could embed the code or link of an affiliate product on a blog or
within a blog post, you can equally do the same thing with cpa offers. With a cpa
offer you can get better support from the company you are promoting their
product(s) as most of them would assign a special affiliate manager to help guide
you through in any case.
Somewhere down below this guide, i listed some top cpa firms that are best
known for their genuineness. So basically when you join a cpa firm and eventually
get approved to use the system, because they do have strict policies which shapes
how or the kind of people they allow into their networks, once approved! You
would have the option to choose from their pool of products and promote on
your website by either writing a post related to the product and in the end putting
the link of the product, referring your web visitors to try out or buy the product.
(Example:-) I once wrote a post on one of my blogs on “steps to treat hair
breakage” and in the end I recommended a product i grab from a cpa offer page
and the turn-out was awesome because a lot of people needed to solve that
problem once and for all. Remember the idea is to find a need, provide the
guidelines and recommend the solution and direct them to the page where they
can finally get to order the product that would solve their problem(s) if they finally
choose to buy.
I hope this is becoming clearer to you now? I called this a beginners guide or a
newbie’s guide but it seems am already getting a bit technical, but I had to
because you sure need lot’s of understanding of what cpa/affiliate marketing is.

The Basics of Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

CPA means; “COST PER ACQUISITION” or COST PER ACTION, we also have other
ones like “cost per lead” (CPL) & “cost per sale” (CPS). Whatever the name it is

given, they all pretty much mean the same thing, and whether you choose to
promote a cpa/cpl/cps offer, you would probably be following the same methods
So what does cpa really mean “and yes we know it generally means (cost per
action)” but what exactly does that really mean? Cost per action is a type of
Internet affiliate marketing system that the product owner pays an affiliate a large
chunk of commission for referring a potential customer to the sales page or
website and the person buys a service or product.
This is a very cool way to earn quick and very huge amount of money if you are
looking for a lucrative online system to join and make recurring income on auto.
Yes some cpa offers pay as high as $100 or more depending on the product type
and price tag, most product owners give away a 60% to affiliates while keeping
the rest to themselves. One of the reasons for this is because they are actually
gaining in two ways!
1.) They made a sale
2.) They have a lead.
The second one is very important to them just as the sale is, but they would likely
benefit from the lead in the future because it is certain that they wouldn’t have to
look for affiliates next time to promote their new products because they have
been able to capture tens of thousands of emails from all the potential buyers
affiliates like you have sent to their offer page, so when next they have a similar
product they would just have spend a little on advert and the rest would be
blasted to the email list you have helped them grow. So it’s a win for them in the
Cpa marketing is no doubt the best form of online money making systems out
there, seconded by creating your own personal product and selling it online too.
Creating products like instructional video courses on how to do certain things,
instructional pdf ebooks on hot topics etc….

We have some very well respected cpa network firms you can join but most of
them do have a strict policy and it could be very hard to join some of them if you
don’t already have some long time record in online marketing, you see why
ordinary affiliate marketing is different? But don’t let that to stop you at all,
because what you are going to earn from cpa offer promotion is far beyond many
online hyped system all put together including forex no doubt though that forex is
a good system too.
>>Now let me show you three cpa offer sites you can easily join
1.) CLICKBANK: This network happens to be the largest cpa/affiliate network and
it’s a great place to find good categories of things that you can promote. You
can get products from different categories including; heath, softwares, dating,
video courses, ebooks etc… and they have a flexible withdrawal/payment
options to choose from as they support paypal and payoneer.
2.) MAXBOUNTY: This network seem to have a bit of stiff-neck entrance but once
you are in you would begin to enjoy the potentials, why I called it a stiff-neck is
because they require you to either call or wait for their affiliate agent to call
you up and ask you questions that would enable them to consider whether to
approve or reject your sign-up application.
3.) MARKET HEALTH: I am so in love with market-health because just like
(clickbank) I had no issues signing up at all, I was approved almost
immediately, but just as the name implies! They only have health products and
they have high converting products, good affiliate managers and a unique
dashboard, better than the most I have seen so far in the affiliate & cpa
industry. Another good side is that they pay you a 50 percent commission from
anyone’s sales commission you refer to join the cpa network, these people are
more like your down-lines for those who are very familiar with network
marketing, although it is not a must to recruit down-lines, you can operate
your affiliate account on a SOLO level and still make the money you wish, but
this is more of an added advantage if you are a lazy worker, because you can
reap a lot of profit if those who you refer are more of the power workers and
highly motivated.

product review

Blogging is one thing that I’m never bored about doing, I love the idea of writing
and get people from various countries of the world come read my post and most
times drop their comments stating how my post has helped them either solve a
problem or improved their living.
I believe you have equally been to some very powerful blogs and learned a thing
or two about a particular topic; you might have gained serious interest in setting
up yours but can’t seem to find your way around the process, the basic aspect of
choosing the right, cheap and easiest platform.
Before you blog: ask yourself, why do I really want to blog? Are my really sure this
the right thing to do? And if yes! What aspect or narrowed topic am I going to
consistently write on without running dry of content?
If you have defined those above questions, then let’s move on to the next phase.
But oh! Wait…… a second!! What really is blogging? Blogging is a web-journal a
web log (book) where you write about things and publish, blogging can be focused
to just a one-way discussion of someone blogging about what they just ate, a
house party holding and so much more (blogging could be a personal journal).
Blogging could also be focused at distributing or publishing of sensitive
information e.g. news, fashion, world happenings or even business reports. It all
depends on the purpose of creating it in the first place.
Blogging can be done essentially for the purpose of passion, while some people
see it as strictly business and focus more on the monetization aspect, how to
generate a sufficient amount of cash at the end of the month through various
monetization means. Others only do it for passion of writing and sharing vital

information, while they just blog sometimes three times within a month due to
their normal busy day work life, after-all blogging isn’t their business, its more like
a hobby.
Some people don’t monetize with any form of monetization method, they only
put up a small “donate” button somewhere on the blog and politely ask the site
users to donate to help the owner so that he/she can certainly have resources to
continue doing the free-will blogging.
However, there are numerous ways to make money through blogging, there seem
to be one popular one that our big daddy of the internet owns, “google adsense” I
am sure you have heard that word before and you are wondering how do all these
whole thing work? The concept of adsense is quite simple and if your website is
getting enough web site visits daily you can make some substantial amount of
dollars. But let’s not get too technical just yet! Shall we go back to the beginning,
where the whole genesis began?

The Basics of Affiliate Marketing for Beginners
I guess you already get the concept of what blogging is, and now you are ready to
set your blogging career off, on the road so that you can join the traffic
generators. Now you are cut-up between the “which platform is best?” well let
me first give you the list of those platforms that I can certainly remember right
So just before I proceed to give the time to ponder on which one would be best
for you to start your blogging journey on. Let me clear something that might be

confusing, the word “cms” you might have seen this term so many times on the
internet without getting the meaning.
CMS simply means (content management system) so it doesn’t literally mean
“celestial musical school” LOL!!! Anyways, there you have it! Why a cms base
website builder is quite advanced and preferred by many is because it lets you
own all your contents and you also manage about 95% of the process, why there
is a 5% off is because there is a content hosting system that lets you host your
website on their 24/7 computer that stores your data and you pay them for the
space and maintenance they help you carry out, payment is usually around $2 to
$15 or there about depending on the web-hosting company you choose or the
package you opt-in for.
With many people online in our age now, even more websites/blogs are being
launched on a daily basis to meet every person’s specific needs; and that is where
niche-blogging comes in, but do not be worried about that, we would soon talk
about that soon.
Okay! Now as for those platforms that were tagged as “free” website builders,
they are also efficient in their way because they can quickly get your blogging
dreams off the ground if you are the fast action type who’s more enthusiast about
starting a new thing or taking an opportunity as it shows up.
Although some or most of them have their short comings, even cms platforms
have theirs too, nothing is perfect any way. But let me quickly explain. Free
blogging platforms lets you set up your blog in minutes with zero cost but they
might restrict you to some features especially if they also offer premium services
too, they might limit the amount of disk-storage space you get for storing your
media files. They may also limit the amount of pages or limit you to using only
their website name extension, something like “” and
most of them would not allow you use your own custom name except you either
buy from them or some would just force you to upgrade to premium plan to have
that feature unlocked.

Although this doesn’t apply to all of them, especially blogger. I will explain in a
bit! But first lets also look at cms site builders, taking Joomla as our preferred
platform for this tutorial’s sake.
If you want to build a site/blog with any cms platform like Joomla or any other one
tagged cms, you would need to head over to the cms platform’s website and
download the site builder package in form of a computer software, for example if
you plan on using Joomla, you’ll need to log on to and download
the latest version, then the next thing you’d need to do is to buy a website name
also known as domain name, you can easily do this by purchasing it from it would cost you around $8 to $14 dollars and that’s for a
period of one year. The next thing at this point is to buy a website hosting package
from any reliable website hosting company; for the sake of this tutorial I will use
hostgator as the example hosting site. Log on to and buy your
preferred hosting plan, when you log on there you would get some guidelines to
help you with the process, after you must have successfully purchased the hosting
service and linked your website name to it, you’ll then have to upload and install
joomla to the host through the back-end dashboard, if you have issues they would
also offer guidelines or if you need faster help you can contact me or any web
developer to help with the process. (this might come with a small fee).
Next after installation, you’ll need to get whats called a theme (template) and also
install and activate, you can search sites like to find what
would really fit your taste for the kind of website or blog you are trying to build,
some theme cost money while you can also find tons of free templates as well or
ask your friends to give you if they have.
After installation, you can then move to customization, by adding pages, menu,
styling the look, site colors and so many other cool stuff and when you are done,
preview and if it’s ok! I guess you are now good to go. Although there are some
other technical stuffs that might need to be implement on the site to enhance the
functionality and all, but I guess those are more advanced things I can’t really
cover much in this ebook, but never worry because with this basic steps you are a
website owner or blogger already.

Let’s talk about the free blogging platforms: for the record I will use blogger as
our example. So blogger also known as blogspot is proudly owned by google and
lets you create a blogging platform in minutes with a free ( domain
extension. So for example if your website name is www.harry, the extension
would make it look like this:, but blogger allows you to
link your custom domain name for free without any hidden charges, the only fee
you might need to pay is when purchasing the website name from a domain name
registrar like godaddy ( and afterwards you can just link it, this
is for those who don’t like the free extension.
To set up a blogger blog up, just head over to and click on
create new blog, if you already have a gmail account, if not! Get one quickly and
head over to blogger’s website. Once you have successfully created the blog, they
would give you various theme options to choose from, but you can choose to buy
a more professional theme just like the one on my portfolio website, this would make you have more customization options
and better blog feel.
Once your blog creation, customization and probably a custom web address has
been linked, you are certainly ready for posting your first article straight-away,
normally majority would first post a short note of “hi welcome to my blog” with a
post body briefly describing the purpose of the blog etc. which brings us to the
next topic in this ebook guide, (picking a niche).
Picking a niche to belong to: We should have talked about this earlier but it’s all
good, (better late than never) what is the meaning of “niche” or niche blogging? A
niche can be simplified by saying it is the category that your blog belongs to,
meaning the kind of topics you would constantly blog about and never deviate
from at any given time. Niche-ing helps you focus on a set of narrowed kind of
topic that people would identify your blog with, it’s a form of blog branding, and
example is, this is basically a music focused blog and they don’t
write or update anything else other than music related topics and posts. Another
perfect example is, this is purely a celebrity/gossip blog, yes a blog

can run multiple topics but then we call such blogs a general topic blog. There are
blogs that are only focused on publishing “health contents, news, events, fashion
news, sports etc.” before creating a blog it is essential to pick a topic you want to
blog on and make your research very well, is this something you are happy talking
about every day, can you still keep up even after a couple of weeks, months or
years? And if you have defined that aspect, also take time to define how often you
would be dishing out such useful contents so that your readers can understand
when they should be expecting a new blog post from you. It is always good to
have a proper plan in place so that you wouldn’t confuse your reader or even lose
interest too, plan on how consistently you would want to update your blog with a
new post. Would it be twice a week, would it be four times a month, would it be
daily? And if that has been defined then next is to decide how many posts you’d
be posting each time. By defining these common but important factors, you would
be able to have a template to work with and your site visitors would know when
to check your blog for a new post and how many contents they are going to
consume at a go..
Hope you now understand what niche is about, and why it is important? Also why
you should be clear on how many contents to post at a single go, now let’s shift
the ground a little bit; it seems you already got the general idea of what blogging
is! But it’s even a step further than this. The question is: how do you plan on
getting constant idea of topics to write about on your blog? No doubt you could
have a vast knowledge about the niche you are in but you’ll definitely run out of
what to write about if you decide to only rely on yourself as the source, hence it is
important to have vast option of resources to get ideas from.
One of my best ways to consistently get fresh contents is to search google for
topics related to your niche, but that could turn out to be a pain in the ass if you
don’t want to waste much time doing searches, so let me show you one of the
sites I use.


how to be debt free in life is another very great way to easily get contents from various websites
quickly, alltop is a website that aggregates & displays top/hot & trending topics
that are trending globally on it’s website homepage, this site also gives you the

free search option to enter a keyword of your choice and it would search and pop
relevant contents related to what you’re looking for. There are other very useful
sites that offer similar service like this, you can search the web to explore more or
ask me privately for more options.
Another way to get good contents is by following people who are in the same
niche as you, when you follow their blogs you can easily get post ideas through
the updates they also put up, no doubt this people might have been blogging like
5 years before you and most definitely have more experience and quite
understand the prospects (website visitors) more than you do, so it would be
worth tapping into their goldmine.
There are various ways to get contents; you can simply brainstorm contents by
using google brain-storming method. This is done by entering a general or wide
search term based on the topic you are trying to research on or based on your
website niche. Google would bring up tons of results that would correspond with
your search; you can click on each one to read through and grab ideas! You have
the option to read from various authors and sources and then finally sit down and
construct a unique blog post based on your findings.



THE OVERALL SUMMARY: So let me quickly summarize the whole subject up
before I call it a close on this tutorial/guide ebook.
Basically I want to believe you already have the foreknowledge about, “blogging,
affiliate marketing and cpa marketing & how to combine all of it and make cool
cash into your bank account without dropping a sweat. But before I finally round
up, let me quickly re-address the basics & also strongly affirm the fact that you
can make basically millions of dollars from cpa marketing, affiliate and blogging if
you are the action type, and if you are ready learn quickly.
Firstly! With affiliate marketing you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars
every month if you incorporate the right methods and display the right products

on your blog-site. Remember that you need to either have a blog which is a better

option, then you can boost more sales by promoting the links on your social-
media outlets, most affiliate/cpa networks allows their members to use social

media sites like facebook, twitter and instagram to promote their products and
any sale(s) that is made would be tracked using your unique affiliate link provided
by your affiliate or cpa network when you signed up with them.
Remember that you need some very good amount of daily/weekly/monthly
visitors to your website to allow you get the clicks that would eventually or
probably turn into sales for you. (What is the average amount of traffic?) Well I
can’t really state a specific amount, as readers or web visitors varies and most of
them come with different perspectives and none can be forced to click on an
affiliate link or purchase a product even if they choose to click through after-all.
But it is always better to drive web traffic in it thousands on a daily basis, some
people may have as high as 100 thousand web visitors daily and yet make little or
no sales. Why this could happen is because such website visitors are not a
targeted kind of traffic. You can’t expect to see a return on investment (ROI) if you
are driving people from agricultural science to a computer science/study blog site;
the conversion rate may amount to zero because you didn’t target the right
It is not enough to set up the most beautiful blog or niche site without driving the
right kind of audience to read your contents. Facebook and some other
established social-media sites & advertising platforms have made it easy to target
by location, by age, by gender and by interests, so that you can bring the right
people to your website. Even if it’s just a small amount of visitors but you’d be rest
assured that your profit would be higher than that of someone driving none
targeted traffic to their niche sites.

Secondly!! So with that out of the way, let me talk more on cpa marketing too.
You can make huge! Huge!! Amount of dollars through promotion of cpa offers,
and by that am talking about serious money in hundreds or millions of dollars,
cold cash navigating it’s way to your bank account daily/weekly or monthly. But

there’s a little catch to that, you need to know a few mechanics of how it works or
how to promote the offers.
Unlike normal affiliate marketing that is commonly known among bloggers, cpa
offers or promotion can be done independently or incorporated into blogging.
Let me assume you want to run it independently! You can do this by simply
running dedicated adverts on ad networks like Google’s adwords or Bing ads or
even use facebook the number one social-media giant. But it all still comes down
to the fact that you’ll need to make a proper research or pick a products from a
category that is making the rave. For example, as at the time of compiling this
ebook, it is known that offers such as “health related products, guides ebooks,

how-to video tutorials and make money online” are the top selling kind of e-
products and is believed not to die any time soon.

Even in these above mentioned niche offers, it is still possible to narrow down
your options so that you wouldn’t be struggling with a lot of internet marketers
like you, or gurus who are definitely more advanced than you in the market, those
who know how to set-up the best sales copy that would magnet sales like magic.
When going into the cpa marketing route, there are more techniques you’ll need
to learn, things like setting up whats called the perfect “landing page” also known
as sales or lead pages, how to incorporate the right kind of lead magnet tactics.
Meaning you’ll need to capture the attention of the proposed potential buyers by
setting up a pre-sales page that would kind of brief them about what they are
about to purchase, sometimes adding a personal experience about the product
you are proposing to sell. If possible add some proofs, (screenshots, videos etc…..)
anything that would make you authentic.
Next step is incorporate a lead magnet or lead capture software. This is a way to

build whats called an email list; this would save you a lot of advertising cost later-
on in the future. There are online lead capture software companies you can use,

such as “powr plugin, aweber, leadpages” and many more. What these services
help you do is simple, they’ll provide you with the tools that would help you
capture the email addresses of people who came through to your landing page

and are proceeding to the main cpa offer sales or product page to make final read-
through and eventually make a purchase or checkout.

This is important because these same lists you have gathered today would be
useful for promoting similar offers to tomorrow (future) if you happen to either
create your own product or maybe if you come across a great product again in the
market that is worth promoting. Another benefit of this is that it would save you
promotion cost later in the future, because if you have a large list of say about 50-
100 thousand unique subscribers and they are responsive, you can pull in a lot of
sales through by promoting to them.
Okay with that aside, promoting a cpa offer is as fun as doing what you love the
most, if you actually know exactly that much about the product or market niche
you are in. that is why I talked about promoting either a product you have tried
out yourself or something you have done your homework on.
After getting that right, you need to search the keyword algorithm for the offer
you are trying to promote whether it’s something people are really wanting to
spend money on, although sometimes this isn’t always important as most times
the lower the search results for a particular thing, the better for you the cpa offer
promoter. But sometimes the reverse is mostly considered the better, but with my
years of experience! I can boldly object to that.
To do a market research, there are tools that can help with that. Tools like google
keyword tools. Or other online keyword research tools that you can easily search
for on search engine, but the most recommended one would be google keyword
This tool actually helps you analyze how many people or the search volume for a
particular keyword or product or even a website or phrase. So you can see which
ones are higher or lower, it also helps you see how much people or advertisers are
willing to pay for that keyword in order to get on top of search engine results if
people search for such things. If the bid for such term or keyword is so high (say)
above $0.020 then it’s probably becoming too high and in most cases it is not
advisable to risk paying for advertising for such offers because you are unsure of

the turn-out because probably too many marketers are already in that place trying
to push the same product or offer, but sometimes it is even worth it because it
guarantees you that people really need these things and are willing to pay a good
amount for it. If your offer is priced at (say) $50 and you are getting a commission
of about $30-34 and you are paying around $0.020 for each click on an ad
network like bing or even facebook advertising and you initially invested $20 to
test the market value and for that you got about 1000 clicks to the offer and let’s
say 10-15 people buys the product, are you at loss or gain? Probably a win, win for
you. Because you only spent some few bucks and you are gathering your email
lists and preparing yourself for a big future ahead.
Cpa marketing is so profitable that most gurus would never want to invite you to
join; most would only show you blogging because they know blogging is already
well too crowded and they assume you might make just nothing out of it.
FINALLY: and to wrap things up, let me touch on blogging just again. Blogging is
one industry that actually requires a lot of patience, “did I hear you say uhn?” yes
it requires patients, hard-work, branding and constant research to update yourself
so that you can be able to recycle or curate contents for your audience. Most
times blogging looks too hard for some because they just can’t be patient enough
or are too lazy to task their brain to get things done, and this is more reason why
we have just too many copy’n’paste bloggers today who are spoiling the good
Blogging can take time to grow and make the impact you want it to make but the
effect would be evergreen once you’re able to breakthrough. With blogging you
need to show your vulnerabilities and authenticity, expertise and craftiness plus
your writing and reasoning skills all in one place. Wackiness isn’t something that
lives long in the blogging industry because if you aren’t authentic then it wouldn’t
be long before it shows up and people would have better options to choose from.
Also blogging requires making the right choice or choices, choosing the right niche
either particularly based on interest(s) and passion or based on expertise. Either
way your authenticity would speak in the end. Finally, traffic is required! Without
real good traffic then all your work is like a tear in the Atlantic Ocean. Once you

are able to create constant and unique information on your blog, your next thing
or problem is traffic, I always tell people that there is never a shortage of traffic
online, it only depends on whether you are willing to spend on advertising on the
right platforms.

The Basics of Affiliate Marketing for Beginners
But I can guarantee you that with the information in this ebook, you are good to
go and nothing should stop you from making your first affiliate commission, or
even rake in your huge cpa commission from clickbank or maxbounty. The video
on the page you got this pdf ebook would teach you every single bit of what you
need to know about getting traffic from facebook and how you can use it to
convert sales to your cpa offer sales page or blog site and begin to reap huge
profits from your platform.

Don’t let this one time opportunity pass you by, grab it now because it wouldn’t
last forever, I really want to see you succeed! I want to get testimonies from you.
Wait no longer, get the video course for just as little as $45 and begin to maximize
your hidden potentials. Cheers to your success………

The Basics of Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

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