The fear of God can make things possible

The fear of God can make things possible

  By Pastor (Dr.) Smart Oyejide


You may not agree with me, I careless but be assured; we all need to face reality of the moment.

If things are tough, be tougher to reduce the impact on you. Build more weight so as to be able to carry the responsibilities of life that kept growing and increasing.

If people are throwing stones on you, why not turn your body to metal or build a hard-hard skin that is stone-proof. Or what do you suggest?

You don’t have to kill yourself before your time. Only cowards do that. The cowards die several times before their time. Come on be of good courage. That situation or ugly experience is not enough to weigh you to commit suicide of any kind. Therefore, forge ahead!

Heaven cannot fall, it’s impossible. A roof may fall, because it is hanged on something. But for the heavens, it is impossible. Why I am saying this, God resides in heaven. And wherever God is located, falling or failure can never reside. Fear is killing us today. We kept manufacturing fear by our actions and deeds on daily basis.

Imagine, if you bought a horse to ride and failed to ride it probably or normally. May be out of joy or pride, you decided to close your eyes while ridding the horse or decided to stand with one foot on it.

If anything should happy per adventure and stumble off the horse as a result.

By that incident it has become a lesson unto others. At the same time, several others who might have loved to have a horse for a ride will begin to entertain fear or phobia for horse riding simply because of a bad precedent earlier seen.

There is nothing bad in riding a horse. No fear in riding a horse really. The only fact remains, learn how to ride a horse first before mount at the back of the racing animal. If not, your story may end up in disaster.

The man whose father was killed by a mad man will always pick race upon sighting a mechanic in uniform soaked with black-engine oil.

Fear, Fear everywhere, in the house of God, house of Assembly, house of chiefs, fear in the city, fear also in the village. It is fear at home, fear on the street, fear abroad. The fear of kidnappers: fear of arm robbers, the fear of accident on the road, fear of the Okada riders. Fear of dollar rising, fear of Naira falling, fear of eating poison as rice, fear of taking poison drug, fear of (NEPA) lack of electricity supply, fear of increase in pump-price of petrol, fear of these, fear of “that”

Fear, fear, fear! For how long shall we remain in fear! Much will allow fear to kill us?

We fear to travel on the road, sea or Air, simple because of the possibility of having an accident. Really, once beating twice smile is the slogan in life. But must we live in fear? What is the way out?

Don’t engage in fear; stop fearing things no matter how. Develop strong boldness and solace in God and his promise. The fear of God only can make things possible.

Instead of fearing things, fear God only and there will be nothing else to fear again.

I have this discovered that will fear lesser things mostly and simply because will have “abandoned” the fear of the supreme “God” which surpasses or supersedes all fears under heaven.

If you must overcome fear, imbibe today the “fear of God” and there will be nothing else under the sun to fear in the actual sense of it. In fact, it is only the fear of God that can make all things possible if we care enough to find out.

Be of God. Let God ways be your choice as well. It enhances security and safety in all reasons.

Those who have God fear nothing else. The greatest of all the fears is the fear of God.

That was why the wisest king ever lived, King Solomon declared in Ecclesiastes 12:17 :

“Here is my final conclusion: fear God and obey his commandments, for this is the entire duty man for God will judge us for everything we do including everything hidden things good or bad.’’

We fear a lot. Fear is the proper thing factor pushing us in doing several things these days as human being. For instance, the fear of poverty has made several people in the society to commit atrocities, which are too cruel to imagine.

We fear both today and what life will be tomorrow. We fear to sleep because of our not been sure if we shall wake up the next day.

Fear has remained part of us. We fear a lot. We live in fear all the time. Fear is killing several citizens. They have developed hypertension or high blood pressure as a result.

We live in fear; our houses are fenced will tall walls like that of Agodi prison yard. Bullet proof door are common with extremely expensive gates at the entrance. Can you imagine how #250 million was allocated for constructing ordinary gate to Aso-rock villa in Abuja Nigeria?

I don’t think the gate of heaven is as costly as that. Why such spending? It is simply because of the monster fear that stays with us.

We fear to live, we fear to die. We sing heaven is good, we fear to go heaven at the same time because the works of our hands cannot be accepted beyond here.

Fear is making us to race at the slighted uncomfortable life experience. We immediately over react and end up doing more harm to ourselves and the nearest future faculty.

Fear has now blinded our sights, thinking and hearing that we kept ignoring the goodies of God. People go to church or mosques or any other places of worship, not because they loved God or fear him. But they are just seeking divine protection against their fears

Fear, instead of love is driving force that is propelling the wheel of our progress now as a nation. Where really are we heading towards?

Are we all weak-willed namby-pambies in need of a spine transplant or is there something else going on?

Fear is making us sick nowadays. Neuropsychologists Rick Hanson thinks it’s because our brains are wired to have a disproportionate reaction to bad news.

The scientist declared in one of his researches that;

‘’The brain is like Velcro for negative experiences but Teflon for positive ones”

We simply pay more attention to and react more emotionally to negative outcomes.

Can you imagine? Our Stone Age brain reacts to social rejection as a threat to survival. We hate and fear being criticized; we don’t want anybody to say wrong about us. But we find it easier to condemn others without feeling any impact such attitude.

We lived in tribes. If you got cast out, you’d lose access to food, water, protection and care for your kid. You’d die.

As a result the brain became hyper sensitive to the slightest change of our status in the tribe; last it cast us to the dingo.

How does this apply to writers? As a case study..

Our brains subconsciously perceive every “Bad Review” or negative comments about us as a threat to our status in the tribe that we’re in or trying to fix unto.

Our Stone Age brains careless about the totally of our interviews,only the negative ones.

Yes, positive reviews or statements about us are good; your brain will celebrate and rejoice for about a minute or less. And then it reverts to its wiring, which is to scan for threat or fears. We developed the brain that way so it functions likewise.

In order words, you regard positive reviews or comment s in stride because you’re safe.

And so, that twig- breaking sound really was a branch breaking in the wind. But,the negative review or crisis?  That is a sober tooth-Tiger coming at you. Run!


        How to Overcome Your Brain’s Interpretation of Wrong Opinions or Review about You or Your Business.


        Fear is not good in the real sense. You need to arrest any atom of threat that stare’s at you. Entertaining fear of any kind is not a good business to engage in. The single most powerful action you can possible take again any atom of fear experienced is simply to neutralized your brain’s wiring and prove it wrong.

You are not to die for nothing, but to live and proclaim the goodness of God.

You have what it takes to survive any situation under heaven if you can only be good courage. Don’t allow fear of any kind to trap or cage you in poverty and wretchedness. Arise and liberate yourself, and you shall be free indeed. The Bible says: “you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”.

It is a fact that your brain or poor thinking fears being cast out of the tribe, so calm it by connection to your personal tribes family, friends, other business associates, groups, church members, trade partner, marriage partners etc. build an empire of people for yourself. You need people to be what you are destined to be in life. And there is a God for you that cares for your destiny.

Declare it loud and clear:’’ am not made to fear! I am not a product of threats! I fear not except God. See brain? I’m not being thrown to the dingo- I have love, happiness, peace, favor, money and enough resources to carry on.’’

’God the supreme is my anchor. And with Him all things are made positive and possible for me.’’

Once the stormed or trouble brain is made to reason. It will still be the moment the brain calms, you can use reason and pure logic to center yourself.

Settled mindset does not entertain fear of any kind. Nothing to fear, but God only. Life is about understanding. It is not made for fear. Therefore, have the correct perspective to issues. Get it right! Find what is right to do. Know for sure that you are not alone; you are not the only one at the battle front in life.

Whatever happens, some people will still be in your camp although such may not be determined ahead of time.

No matter how bad things may be you may still have some favorites. Life is made to be that way. Do not fear to kill you. There are two groups of men in the society: those who bleed copiously and visibly at any bad experience. (The immature, and those who bleed copiously and secretly at wrong happens.

In other words, welcome to the club everyone is badly talked about or against in the society for doing either good or bad.

It’s a lie, you cannot be loved appreciated by all and sundry never make that as a goal for pursuit. Even, our God is not loved or appreciated by all his creatures. Either was Jesus Christ- the Savior of mankind accepted as the only begotten son? If that be the case why are you killing yourself in other to be acceptable by over 8billion people in the world forget it just to fear God and be lovely as much as possible and the rest. Everyone gets bad reviews. Real leaders get bad reviews as well. Fear not any kind of review only fear God instead.

Get it clear; bad reviews are not a death sentence for your business or life. It only shows you what you should be careful about.

You should understand in life that people have wildly driver gent opinions on everything. Some people don’t like chocolate for reasons. Sweet CHOCOLATE for that matter!

So how is it possible for a business, book, life or anything, no matter how good it is, to have uniform reviews or acceptability across the board?

If you get the right perspective, you will never be too serious about any situation or experience or life. You need to assuage both your brain (PANIC, PANIC) and your mind.

Start by connecting to your tribe’s people and places. At anytime you’ve shut the alarm, absorb the insight of those who’ve come before you. Instead of fear, don’t forget to laugh. Life is funny if you decided not to fear.




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