The Fear of God can make things possible

You may not agree with me, I careless but be
assured; we all need to face reality of the moment.
If things are tough, be tougher to reduce the impact
on you. Build more weight so as to be able to carry the
responsibilities of life that kept growing and increasing.
If people are throwing stones on you, why not turn
your body to metal or build a hard-hard skin that is
stone-proof. Or what do you suggest?
You don’t have to kill yourself before your time. Only
cowards do that. The cowards die several times before
their time. Come on be of good courage. That situation
or ugly experience is not enough to weigh you to commit
suicide of any kind. Therefore, forge ahead!
Heaven cannot fall, it’s impossible. A roof may fall,
because it is hanged on something. But for the heavens,
it is impossible. Why I am saying this, God resides in
heaven. And wherever God is located, falling or failure
can never reside. Fear is killing us today. We kept
manufacturing fear by our actions and deeds on daily

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