The Wise Worship Christ…How About You?

The Wise Worship Christ…How About You?


Every Christmas season is a period of joy for people all the world over. When I was young, we always look forward to Christmas day because of the impact of the season and the celebrations attached to it among our people.

The celebration of Christmas focuses around the birth of Jesus Christ born into the world for the redemption of man from the bondage of sin and the devil. Christ was born and should be celebrated by all and sundry simple because Jesus is the gift of God’s love for humanity.

When it comes to the issues of Jesus Christ, the 12th month of every is special and whatever day adopted to be for Christmas [Jesus Christ Birthday].According to historical records, it was 300+years after the birth of Jesus that 25th of December was agreed upon to be the day to celebrate Christmas-the birth of our savor Jesus Christ into the world! This is one of the unities Jesus brought to the world.

If you are a Christian, you should celebrate Christmas among your people if something is not wrong with you. Imagine, non-Christians too in the world have special days and they honor it as well. Infact, when you wish to appreciate Jesus Christ, you should honor him. You may love me, but you can’t love me as much as Jesus loved me. Look, you can only try but you can’t be like him. One day you will meet Jesus Christ and be like him.

The wise worship Christ-if you are not wise you will be a fool!

Who are the wise?

It is of great surprise that when Jesus was born, only the wise first worship him. Although, many heard about the birth of Jesus, including the great prophets. Only three wise men from the Far East first worshipped him. These three wise men were not ordinary people by any standard. They were men of great substance. They were learned, civilized, rich, prominent, noble men. They were professors of their time. Any professor who has not added the worship of Jesus Christ to his profession or calling is not wise enough. The truth must be told when it comes to the issues of God,our creator. It added more chances for you at the side of God when you consider JESUS CHRIST in the affairs of your life. Nobody does that and end it in regrets.

The three wise men were directed by the star they saw to be so unique among the stars that appeared in the sky. The star of God directed them. They had the secret understanding about the universe. The universe is speaking about God in diverse ways but our hearing ability has been blocked by the devil.

The star guided them from the Far East. However, the star disappeared when they came to Jerusalem. God is a God of power. But He has decentralized some of his power to His creators. You may use it rightly or misused the power given you by God. Today, the world is witnessing the abused or misused of power of God by men in various dimensions.


Either from the stars seen in the heavens or the records of the Holy Bible is all saying about Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is relevant in the universe. You can find about Jesus in the Holy Quran, ”Odu Ifa”-African Traditional Religion [Odu 16]. Jesus is the only Central of Attraction!  No wonder, he said, No way. If you must get to God-the creator, you need him[Jesus Christ]. If you want to reach God, Jesus is the way! Others are the routes to Jesus Christ,and not the final destination to GOD,our creator.

Can you imagine? What the king did not see, the wise men saw it ahead. Great insights of life belong to God. Only God can give deeper understanding of life to mankind. This is the insight God gave some of us, making the difference in the world today.



Meanwhile, when the wise men got to the city of Bethel, they saw Jesus. In life, it is what you seek that you will find. A popular Yoruba adage says: Ohun Oju nwa ni Oju maa nrii…Whatever the eyes seeks, it shall be sighted!

When the wise men saw Jesus Christ, they worshiped him and gave him special gifts. They sought for him, saw and worship him. People from a far distance first came to worship Jesus. Whatever you may have without adding Jesus is useless in the real sense of it. Jesus makes life to be meaningful. The wise men added meaning by visiting Jesus Christ. They offered him their lives, soul, body and spirit first before they gave him their gifts. Those who came to Jesus found meaning to their lives![11Cor.8;5]

Worship only belongs to God. You are created to worship God only. Anyone that worships Jesus is wise. Nothing should be worship outside God or Jesus Christ!

You are nobody to Jesus Christ if you failed to give your heart to JESUS. If you spent your substance for the Lord Jesus without your heart or life changed. It is useless! A failed life is a life without Jesus! The best gift you can give to Jesus is like how the wise men did. Love him, serve and worship. Whatever position God places you, use it for the glory of God.

It is a great chance to serve the lord in whatever capacity you may find yourself.

By Smart Oyedotun Oyejide


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