Wealth insights Made Simple: Wealth Or Money… Which is the Best?

Wealth or Money…. Which is The Best Option?

A Guest Post By Oluwagbemi Ademola James

As regards wealth or Money,having studied people’s lives a bit and that includes myself, I’ve come to realize that opportunities to make money elude us because we are attracted to money more than how to make money .

However, only a few realize early enough that money has a tap root and  those who discovered on time have been coasting along fine in generations and climes. This brings me to the very point.

We may not be born rich (although some have such a rare privilege) , but we are all surrounded by wealth howbeit unknown.

In getting money or wealth,this hidden wisdom is what has always been the dividing line and makes for the appalling situation that many go through all their lives. First is knowing what wealth is and second is the will to explore opportunities available.

I’ve seen people rise from a seemingly insignificant point but due to dogged determination have gone ahead to prove that where we begin is not the issue but focus on where we are going.

For instance, a fellow moved to a new community, put up a one-room house and continuously made use of gutter sand flowing along the pathway to complete a 3 bedroom house, empowered himself with the sand to start concrete well ring making business and by the time the community opens up he had bought a lot of cheap land in the area. When he came, he was a cleaner at the Hall of residence at the polytechnic, Ibadan.

Today, he is one of the richest people in the area. He simply knew what to do and had the will to do it. We are surrounded by wealth, but we need to know what to do to avail ourselves with how to turn it to money. Money is in circulation , wealth crated is what brings the money to our pocket.

Author BIO Profile: James Ademola Oluwagbemi

A graduate of Insurance department, The Polytechnic, Ibadan worked in various insurance companies between 1989 and 2010 before he voluntarily retired to Private personal business. A writer, poet song writer and singer he has two music albums to his credit. He is also into Agro business He is and blessed with children. He resides at Apete, Ibadan Oyo State, Nigeria

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