By Dr. Smart Oyejide

Your life can be one of the best if you find something positive done about it if you are still alive, things can be made better for you by God-the creator of heaven and earth. There is a big hope for the living!
The world that we all lived inside today was made better when God did something spectacular about it.The earth at the beginning was worse than imagine.

Look, in the Holy Book called Bible, I read the following about the earth that amazed me greatly. You can read this statement critically to see what is trying to point out to you:
“In the Beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. And the Earth was with without form, and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And, the spirit of God moved upon the face of the water “Genesis: 1.1-2)

The earth at the beginning of creation was without form. It was of lesser value and function less. Darkness was completely and serious upon the face of the deep. Nothing was stable or settled even the spirit of God was just moving about. At the start of new-era of life, everythingeverywhere was in complete disarray!
Can you imagine how horrible a formless earth would appear without the light? Thick darkness of the utmost was everywhere. Nothing functional was visible on earth. No reliable activities could take place. The earth at the beginning was at the worse stage.

But God did not leave the situation like that. He did something about it. And today, we have a beautiful world ever, enjoyed by men. The earth latter had the right shape and form at the expense of God. The Lord did several things and actions.

Look, if the formless earth at the initial stage could be transformed by the Supreme God of host and made better for great exploits, what else cannot be made better under heaven?

In fact, what else cannot be made better if something can be done about it? An abandoned project will remain abandoned until something is done!

If our everlasting God had failed to do something appropriate or needed for the earth to take its forms, the earth could have remained as it was in the beginning: “the earth was at first a shapeless,chaotic mass, with the spirit of brooding over the dark vapors” (Genesis1:3d)

all unique actions or moves that took six days to make it so.


God did something about the earth and created the best out of it. We are enjoying today the best that made the earth to be.Nothing could have happened if God failed to do something about the earth.

The same thing is applicable to all areas of human endeavor. You have to do something about a situation if you desire an improvement. No condition is worse than the shapeless earth at the beginning of creation that was made better when God did something about it.

If God can do something to make the earth a better placed that we are witnessing today, what else on earth that can be so difficult for God to make the best out of?

There is not under heaven that the touch of God cannot be made better again. Everyone can be made possible when God is involved.

No situation is above the supreme power or treatment of God to make better. Your life can be made better by your creator. The fellow that created your life have power over anything that wants to make life hard for you. Really, something great can be done about your condition to make it better than imagined all the time.

Your life can also witness a miracle. Your life can take a form again. You can bounce back to life from failure or frustrations. You too can experience the best of life again, if only you can simply allow God –your creator, to intervene in your life affairs. If God should visit your dead situation, you will gain a new life. Everything will be made to work for you!

Lazarus was dead for four days after a terrible sickness. His relatives were only able to bury him when the worst occurred eventually. Also, they notified our Lord Jesus Christ about Lazarus sickness before he died. Another thing they did was they notified his friend Jesus. Thereafter, they saw that Lazarus was dead and gone. The dead body was taken to the grave. Equally,Jesus heard that Lazarus was sticking already after four days inside the shadow of death.’’But Martha, the dead man’s sister, said, by now the smell will be terrible, for he has been dead for four day’

Another thing that those people did at the instruction at the instruction of Jesus Christ was the removal of a heavy stone that blocked the entrance of the tomb.

‘’Then they came to the tomb.It was a cave with a heavy stone rolled across its door. ‘’Roll the stone aside,’’ Jesus told them.[ John 11:19]

Something was done to bring Lazarus who was dead and buried for four days back to life by Jesus Christ.

Without Jesus Lazarus could remain dead and buried in the grave forever. Thank God, Jesus the giver of life did something that gave Lazarus new life again.

But Jesus Christ did this:

‘’Then he shouted: Lazarus, come out! In a head swath.

And Lazarus came –bound up in the grave cloth, his face muffled


Jesus told them, ’’Unwrap him and let him go’

Jesus Christ did something great to bring the dead man Lazarus back to life again. That same Jesus is ready to do something good about you’re your life. Jesus is fully ready to build your relationship and offer it the right tonic needed to survive with.

That same Jesus the brought Lazarus back to life will do something to restore your lost glory, power and blessings in a big way. Something needs to be done by someone for a change to happen.

Something great will happen to you that will give your lie a new story if you are ready to do what is needed to be done by you or someone else.

Something must be done for you to be alive financially, physical and spiritually!

Something must be done to give you a peaceful home and prosper life. Something must be done to make you a landlord. Wait no more, Do something now!

Look,Jesus did something to make Lazarus gained a new and better life after a worst experience.

Something must be done to make you a car-owner that you desire. Someone must be responsible for your better life as a man or woman, husband or wife in this country.

Something must be done by you today to be able to gain admission into the university like your mates.

Something must be done by you or somebody somewhere if you must have a taste of better life and improved marital relationship. Something has to be done to get you lifted up from poverty and backwardness. Something must be done to get you promoted to a better status in life. Something is needed to be done for a new life experience that you deserved and desire today.

Yes, it can be made possible if you can do something now.Nothing happens without something done by someone in particular!


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